A case for the bicycle as a survival vehicle


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8 thoughts on “A case for the bicycle as a survival vehicle”

  1. An off road motorcycle is also a great choice. Pick one NOT designed for racing. Some of these cycles get over 60 mpg.

  2. A bicycle is one of the most efficient, human propelled devices ever conceived. I’m seriously considering a cargo bike the the Kona Ute. I’d like to get by on one less vehicle. Time to ditch the mini-van, maybe?

  3. Like any kind of gear, a bike you don’t know how to use is no better than not having one. “It’s simple, just get on and pedal, right?” Well, yeah, if you’re going around the corner for a pack of cigarettes. How much can you carry on it? How far can you ride it? How steep a hill can you climb with a full load? These are questions you’re going to have to answer before you Grab, and Go. If you’re serious about actually using a bike for survival, I suggest you load it up (Question #1) Take it out as far as you can go in a day (#2) camp overnight, and come back. While you’re at it, change a tube, and a spoke on the side of the road with a full load, and see how much that takes. Climb a hill, time it, and gauge how much that wears you out before figuring ideal milage. Take some back trails with your panniers, backpack, and/or trailer to see if these are viable. When TSHTF is not the time to find out about cramps, biking fatigue, dehydration, and how much it takes to snap your frame. If you don’t know this stuff, you may find yourself too exhausted, or cramped up to set camp before dark. Remember rule #1 of survival, “Don’t get yourself killed.” What you don’t know can kill you.

  4. Absolutely Great Post! and useful comments. Check out some of the folding bicycles designed for military use. They are pricey, but no worse than a good custom built bike. They are designed for off-road transport of heavy loads and are much lighter than the WW2 Huffys or Swiss military bikes. A great Plan B for when your SUV runs out of fuel, or if an EMP takes out the onboard FETs.

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