Making Biomass Fuel Briquettes at Home

I would like to thank everyone who sent in information in answer to yesterdays post.  As a result of that post, I would like to post the following link.  It is to a site that has diagrams of different types of Biomass Presses, Chopper, Grinder & Formulations.


They are tied in with the Legacy Foundation at  They say that anyone can make briquettes from their own leaves, grass and straw and junk mail.  You can also use charcoal and peat if it is available.  The press appears to be easy to make.  We intend to make a press in the near future and experiment with different types of fuel briquettes.  If you have any ideas or experience in this area let us know.


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6 thoughts on “Making Biomass Fuel Briquettes at Home”

  1. Thank you for this information. I looked up how to do this and think I will try it next summer. Have tons of papery crude in this house I would like to get rid of. And this will suppliment other things used for (especially) cooking fuel.

  2. Looks like a good barter item. I have heated with wood in the past, its hard to describe the effort it takes to lay on a year supply of wood. This looks much easier.

  3. To manufacture the Biomass Briquette is really simple task as legacy foundation has initiated with a very nice idea to manufacture Briquette from leaves, saw dust and other materials which does not harm the environment.

  4. The biomass briquettes are easy to make and easy to use.
    To make briquettes at home is really innovative idea and helpful in environment protection also as the biomass briquettes are renewable and non polluting energy fuel which made by recycling the solid biomass waste. Hence it helps in reducing the soil erosion and waste management problems.

  5. Tafessech Tessema

    Thank You for such information. I need more and applicable to my situation. I am working with Sudanese refugee in Ethiopia. In search of fuel wood, the cleared the surrounding remnant of woody biomass. In our project I planned biomass briquette. b/c there is heavy non wood biomass.
    so I need more information that can help me to address more refugees and to mitigate the environment destruction

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