ALICE Pack Medium Size w/Frame, Packing List

This article is posted with permission of Freezedryguy who also owns Packmasters.


ALICE Pack Medium Size w/Frame, Packing List
Copyright Packmasters
22 February 2004


This packing list was developed by the owner of Packmasters, specifically for the ALICE Pack during a period in excess of 24 years as a soldier, overlapping 40 years as an avid backpacker; for use under military and survival conditions.  This list does not constitute advice and no responsibility is assumed for the use of it.  Consult your doctor before you undergo any strenuous exercise program.  Do not carry more than you should for your ability and your health; use good common sense.  Go easy at first, especially if you are new to backpacking and have not developed your muscles for this kind of exercise.

On Top
1.  Jungle canteen,  (2 qt) in carrier w/drinking tube for gravity feed2.  Patrol pack or day pack (optional, but a very god idea) attached for quick release with Fas-Tex fasteners

Top Flap (inside)
1.  Hat or cap
2.  Maps in Zip lock bags
3.  Eyeglass repair kit
4.  Small sewing kit
5.  4-foot cargo straps for securing sleeping bag (2)
6.  OD cravat for neckerchief/sling
7.  Metal “S” hook for hanging cooking pot  (1”)

Top Flap, beneath (on top of outside pockets)
1.  Self-inflating air mattress

Radio pocket (inside main compartment)
1.  Undershirt, shorts, boot socks (rolled up)
2.  Extra pair of socks in zip lock bag
3.  Small army towel (optional)
4.  Wash cloth w/bar soap in container

Main Compartment (inside, bottom to top))
1.  Extra pair of pants
2.  Extra shirt (optional)
3.  Gore-Tex bivy bag
4.  Small (patrol) sleeping bag or poncho liner
5.  Cold weather gear stuff sack containing: Gloves, Pile cap, booties, gore-tex rain pants, poly-pro long johns
6.  Stuff sack w/2-3 days of Freeze Dried food

Left Outside Pocket (from rear)
1.  Field Jacket Liner or Sweater

Middle Outside Pocket
1.  Poncho
2.  Toilet paper in MRE bag
3.  Notebook/Ranger Handbook
4.  6-10 ft of duct tape
5.  30-50 ft of 550 cord

Right Outside Pocket (from rear)
1.  2 days food rations (field stripped MRE components)

Left Side of Pack (from rear)
1.  “Saw” ammo pouch w/2-3 days food, combination MRE and Freeze Dried

1.    M16 ammo pouch with:  45 days of vitamins (Multi, B complex &C), 1oz bottle sunscreen, bottle of tylenol/motrin, 2oz bottle, anti diarrheal, foot powder, squeeze tube of military insect repellent (new type), 2-oz bottle liquid dish soap, small green pot scrubber, topical anti bacterial, assorted bandades, moleskin, prescriptions

Right Side of Pack (from rear)
1.  “Saw ammo pouch w/2-3 days food, combination MRE and Freeze Dried

1.  “Saw” ammo pouch w/”Sweet Water” brand water purifier and extra cartridge

1.  Sleeping bag secured by two 4-ft straps

In the event you attach a daypack, (patrol pack) Highly Recommended

The patrol pack (day pack) can be used in conjunction with your ALICE pack and normally attached on top of the ALICE with quick release fasteners.  It is used for short duration hikes, patrols or in the event you must drop your main pack and move quickly.

You may want to put these below listed items in the patrol pack to free up more space in your ALICE for food and other equipment .
In your patrol pack (day pack), you should always carry:  Poncho, poncho liner or patrol (light) sleeping bag, Gore-Tex bivy bag, food (minimum 2-3 days), toilet paper, insect repellent, sun screen, shortened tooth brush, dental floss and travel tube of toothpaste/powder.

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You should carry all the food you can, and enough water containers (I prefer a couple of 1 quart army canteens, cups and covers w/a canteen cup stove and a 2 quart jungle canteen) to carry at least 1 gallon of water as needed.  To carry less than 2 quarts is foolish.

Up to this point, I have not mentioned a web harness and belt, but I consider one important especially if you are carrying a weapon  or canteens and other equipment.  Two 1qt canteens w/cups and covers on your web gear usually works out well.

Survival kit
Your survival kit should always be carried on your web gear.  If this is not possible, it must at least be carried in your patrol pack .

M16 ammo pouch with: Survival kit w/magnesium fire starter & short piece of sharpened hack saw blade (saves your knife blade), (Blast match is better and you can use it one handed) 35mm film container of Vaseline coated cotton balls (be sure they are 100% cotton and don’t get them too saturated; practice), 20 ft of 20-22 gauge snare wire, 1-2 bottles of iodine water purification tablets.  A plastic M-258 decontamination kit box works well for the loose items (find at surplus stores).

M16 ammo pouch with: First aid kit, Miscellaneous items, 12 trioxine heating tablets

You will notice I did not include any signaling equipment or other items for the survival kit other than those already listed.  This is just a beginning.  Add signaling devices and any other items you need; just remember the above mentioned items are absolutely essential and should always be with you.  Don’t make your survival kit so big and heavy that you won’t have it with you when you need it.

Now let me get just a little commercial.  If your ALICE pack is getting a bit heavy at this point and you could use some help, It just so happens that we manufacture the finest suspension system on the face of the earth for the old ALICE; no kidding!  With our suspension system, you can carry a heavier load, go farther, faster, and with much more comfort  than is possible with an issue ALICE pack suspension system.  Our system fits either the medium or large ALICE Pack.

Our suspension system sells for $75 ppd. to the lower 48 states.  Try one for 30 days; if you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund.  Our suspension systems have gone to Afghanistan and Iraq with the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and U.S. Army Rangers.  We have never had one returned for any reason.  Load tested to 150 pounds; strong enough?

The Packmasters suspension system includes:
1.    Contoured padded shoulder straps
2.    Contoured, padded wrap around waist belt with ammo pouch or canteen attachment points
3.    Sternum strap

P.O. Box 1476
Grass Valley, Ca 95945

P.S., Up to this point these are pretty much my own thoughts, but they are not the final word.  I invite your comments and suggestions
for improving this packing list for the good of all.

7 thoughts on “ALICE Pack Medium Size w/Frame, Packing List”

  1. Curious if you have a packing list for the Large ALICE Pack? Also, where can I see your packmasters suspension system for the large ALICE Pack?

    1. Scott
      I do not have a list for a large Alice Pack. I think that I would just add more food, you can never have to much. As far as the Packmaster suspension system. Email Freezedryguy at [email protected]. I understand he has discontinued making them for now, but may have a few in stock.

  2. Foot care is especially important. Having at least six pair of socks designed for the footwear you are wearing is vital as is foot powder.

  3. Micheal Boylston

    Just wondering when you mention the SAW pouches, are you talking the old ALICE clip 200rd ones? Or are you talking about the Molle 100/200 round ones. I bought two 200 round MOLLE SAW pouches but they are not very stable. Thanks!

  4. a small piece of tan netting and a few small strips of 550 can camo your pack in a hurry with natural veg. nothing wookie looking, just enough to break up the hump on your back or cache it if you’re down for the day. always move at night if at all possible.

    pack more water than food, people die with water in their canteen trying to conserve. food is a luxuary, water is essential.

    $0.02 from a guy with a little time under a pack.

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