An Inexpensive Water Filter the Bucket Berkey


The other day I was at a preparedness store located in Rocklin California and I arrived just as he was making a Bucket Berkey.  Now, you are probably wondering what this is?  It is an inexpensive water filter made with two five-gallon buckets and the black Berkey filters.

It comes standard with one filter which will purify approximately 3000 gallons of water.  The unit is expandable to four filters which will purify approximately 12000 gallons of water.  The buckets he uses are food grade, made in the U.S. with a unique screw on lid.  The lid screws on and is held tight by a simple ratchet system.  I have been using these buckets for my own storage for a while.  My wife likes them, she says with her arthritis they are easier to open than the Gamma lids.  These are available through

Anyway, after seeing the Bucket Berkey I had to have one.  It is perfect for a project I have in mind.  After playing with it, I am quite impressed; it works as well as any of the stainless steel Berkley’s and costs less.  At the price, he charges it would be hard to find the parts and build your own.  The one thing I found was do not tighten the top lid to tight, leave a little air flow and it will run faster.

Here is a picture of the inside of mine with two black Berkey filters in place.

A Bucket Berkey with a single filter lists on his website for $73.50.  Addition filters raise the price just a bit over $50 for each filter you add.  If five gallons isn’t big enough for you, he has made them with fourteen gallon and fifty-five gallon barrels.

Good water is probably the single most important thing we need to survive a major crisis.  This is a inexpensive way to obtain a good quality unit with a filter that will purify water to 99.99999 percent.

Here is a picture of the underside of the lid on the bottom bucket showing where the water filters come through.




The top of the screw on lid showing the red handle you push to remove the lid.






This picture shows the threads the lid screws on to.



I would not hesitate to recommend the Bucket Berkey.





8 thoughts on “An Inexpensive Water Filter the Bucket Berkey”

  1. Very cool stuff. Although not quite as attractive as a Berkey, every bit as functional. I guess the only thing I recommend is keeping it away from a window to prevent sunlight from getting in the top and creating algae growth. With that one caviot, I think I’m going to make one. Thank you!

  2. Our first one is still working great after 3 years!
    Just made another one and drilled a tiny pin hole
    In the top of each lid to equalize air pressure in both buckets. Also attached 3″ clear drip tube to accelerate the dripping process. It works!

    1. Sorry. – Is not listed under any of the tabs at top. But I just searched for Bucket Berkley & they have more than 1 available. – Glad I searched.

  3. My husband and I just installed a whole house water softener and filtration system. Our drinking water is filtered by reverse osmosis. We have since read a lot about RO water being acidic and bad for you. Do you or any readers have any insight and thoughts on this?

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