No Rinse Shampoo and Body Washes

I recently found a company, Cleanlife Products that produces a No Rinse Shampoo cap, Shampoo, Body Wash, Bathing wipes and Instant Foam non-alcohol Hand Sanitizer.  These products are made for hikers, camper, truckers, and military men. The products claim, that absolutely no rinsing is required after use.

These products would have really come in handy when my 91 year old mother-in-law twisted her leg and had to have a caregiver to bath her and wash her hair. But this product arrived a week too late. So I am the tester for this product.

I used the No Rinse Shampoo; directions are to apply to hair until completely wet. Massage to a lather, then dry thoroughly with soft absorbent towel. I applied as instructed and I really didn’t get lather, but my hair got very wet, then I massaged shampoo into the roots and then comb it through my hair.  I then dried my hair and it felt heavier than when using regular shampoo and because I color my hair, it was hard to comb without applying a conditioner.  I think that this one product would be better for men or women with very short hair. The shampoo cap would be better to use on shut-ins, put it on the head and massage their hair through the cap. The regular shampoo is cold when applied, so the older shut-ins would appreciate the warmth of the cap.

The Body Wash I used on a wash cloth first then washed. Directions are similar as before, apply wash to body directly or use a wash cloth. Massage to lather and dry with soft towel. It has a nice scent and I did feel fresher.  I also used the bathing wipes, which I prefer to the body wash. They are easier to use and then you just dispose of the towel.

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Overall, I think this is a good product and would come in very handy for hunters or people that go to places that may not have a lot of water.  For older people that have had stokes or an illness which has left them incapable of bending or walking to take showers.

The No Rinse Shampoo, shower caps, body wash and bathing wipes would be very handy if you have anyone that is bedridden, or for cleaning someone up in a medical emergency in a situation in which you are short of good water.

Their website is or contact their office at 800 223 09348.

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5 thoughts on “No Rinse Shampoo and Body Washes”

  1. Myself and several others tried this stuff while deployed in the desert.
    It does not work very well.
    Perhaps in situations where you are somewhat dirty or smell simply from natural body oils it might work. However it does not wash out real dirt or grease very well, as you would expect to exist in a genuine emergency situation. You also really do need a “soft towel” to really get into your hair and such things as paper towels or thin cotton such as a t-shirt don’t effectively remove all of it.

    It’s best to get some biodegradeable “camp-suds” or something similar and just be very careful about your water use.

    Another alternative are the large pre-moistened wipes specifically designed for hospital patients. They are not cheap, but are called “shower in a bag” I believe, and generally come with 3 or more large towel sized wipes which will clean you up completely.

    In any case, if water is scarce in an emergency, the space taken by “waterless” products can be used to store more water. The use of towels to clean off the product now leaves you with a dirty towel which requires even more water to wash it. Nice concept, but not what is promises to be.

  2. I missed the portion about “bathing wipes”, that is exactly what I am referencing when I mentioned “shower in a bag”- just a different company name. These can also be warmed in a microwave, or if you seal the package tightly or put it in a ziploc you can warm them in a pot of hot water.

  3. Prepardness Mom

    Thank you for your comments. Since I used mine at home and not under conditions that we would really use them, out in the field sort of speaking. Under your conditions it really got the test. and yes I can see you can’t run around with soft absorbent towels either. As with hunters and hikers it may not work for them either. The bathing wipes would be handy in both cases. Thank you again

  4. Go back and re-read my post on vinegar and give it a try. I was amazed how well the vinegar sponge bath worked in cutting the funk without rinsing and using very little water.

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