Appetite Fatigue and Variety in Your Food Storage

appetite fatigue

I recently got into a discussion with a friend on the subject of food storage.  He is a prepper and has a fairly substantial food storage.  The problem I see with his storage is that his variety of foods is very narrow.  He has stored lots of beans and rice and not much else.  He feels that he can supplement this to some degree and can survive a year easily on this diet.  I brought up the subject of appetite fatigue and he completely discounts it as a problem.

Personally, I believe that the best diet you can have will have the widest possible choices of food.  This will give you access to the best sources of nutrition.  Here is A List of Foods That I Recommend You Have in Your Storage.  Now I recognize that for some of us this presents a problem, due to finances and storage limitations.  Because of finances, some of us have to get by on fewer storage items.

Now my friend stocks rice and beans and since he is good health, can probably get by for a year or so on just them.  Now some of the rest of his family may be a problem.  He has young children and could possibly end up with his elderly parents living with them.

First, understand that starvation and appetite fatigue are not the same thing.  Starvation is the lack of food; Appetite Fatigue is the presence of food, but the same thing flavors and textures everyday.

Appetite fatigue is a mental block that seems like it would be easy to overcome, but in reality the effects can be devastating, particularly to the very young and old.  It can be a form of slow starvation.  If for some reason, you are forced to limit the food items that you have in your storage there are still some thing you can do to help yourself.  First, learn as much about the plants and animals that you can forage from in your area.  These can add flavor and textures to your food.

appetite fatigue
Herbs and spices

Second, add a variety of herbs and spice to your storage.  These don’t take a lot of room and if you shop carefully and buy in bulk, they are not very expensive.  My wife buys a number of spices, herbs, and from a East Indian store in Yuba City Ca where they are quite inexspensive. Unless the spices contain oils they do not go bad  but can lose their potency over time.   If this occurs just use more.  Don’t forget to store seeds so that you can grow more.  Here are 12 Spices that You Want in Your Storage according to my wife.


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