Food Storage Inventory:

It’s very important to keep track of your food storage and all equipment that you have for emergencies.  One big reason is if you have a fire in your home or area.  All of your storage items and equipment may be gone.

First, keep a detailed record and pictures for your insurance company.  We know someone this has happened to and because of their inventory records they were able to show the insurance company what was lost.  This resulted in the insurance company paying them the money to replace their preps.

My husband has worked around fire insurance for years and he says, “If you haven’t already taken pictures of everything you have, it’s time that you did.”  Not only your food storage but also your house, garage and any out buildings you may have.  Keep a copy with family or friends.  If you have a fire, you have to list everything that you have lost on the proof of loss.  This makes it much easier.

Second for your own piece of mind, an inventory is necessary.  One good example is me, yes me!  I have told you about my discovery in sealing jars with the Food Saver Mason jar attachments. It is great for foods that you just can’t use fast enough before they go stale.  Well I was so excited about sealing everything in-sight that I forgot to mark the boxes and take an inventory of the items that I did seal.

Now my job is to take out the boxes and check each one and write it on the box and in my inventory list.  I will be saving money too.  Because of my searching and getting frustrated in looking for the item, I went out and just bought it.  Of course, in doing that I wasn’t rotating my products either.

How many of us buy an item and just throw it in the closet, I for one used too, especially if it was on sale and I was in a hurry to just stuff it some place.

One thing I have learned to do better is taking inventory.  My pantry was the big problem.  Things are shoved to the back sometimes or a family member is looking for something and put things out of the way.  I am short, so high shelves are a big problem.  If I can see what I have, I tend to use it faster.

4 thoughts on “Food Storage Inventory:”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma

    I kep an inventory as well but I dunno bout the insurance company deal. I’m not that trusting

      1. Matt in Oklahoma

        I understand but if you file a claim all kinds of folks then know what you have/had/will have again. Kinda like the firearms in that event, some I would claim because of cost but some I would just eat the cost on so everyone and their brother didnt know what all I have.

  2. If you have a total loss fire of your home and contents most policies will pay you the amount the home was insured for but the contents are only paid upon a proof of loss. Pictures, receipts etc are great help in proving what you had for the insurance company and without it some companies will not pay you.
    Matt if you don’t want to file on your regular homeowners insurance for your guns buy a separate policy on your guns. Most people do not realize most homeowners policies only cover jewelry and precious metals (coin collections) for a total of $500.
    You can insure these items through American Collectors Insurance for a very reasonable amount You can even insure your wifes barbie doll collection here if you wanted to. They offer great service and reasonable rates. Another company that offers collectables insurance although I have not purchased insurance from them is Collectibles Insurance Service You can also buy firearms insurance through the NRA but I believe you have to be a member. Just for the record I do not work for or have any interest in any of these companies.

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