Inexpensive Long-term Food Storage Products

Long-term Food Storage ProductsYesterday we discussed commercially prepared long-term food storage products and the fact that they are expensive.  Today I want to talk about inexpensive ways to build your food storage.  I am sure some of this information has been covered in previous posts, but I think it is important enough to cover again.

Inexpensive long-term food storage products include bulk grains, which you can yourself in food grade five gallon buckets, with Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Sealing Food in 5 Gallon Buckets,    Pack correctly these will last for 30 years or more.  We purchase our bulk grains from two places the LDS Home Storage Centers  and Winco (a discount food store).  The LDS Home Storage Centers are run by the Mormon Church, but are normally open to the public.  If there is one near you, you can’t beat the price, and don’t worry you won’t get on any lists or have people try to convert you.

We have had good luck in the past, getting food grade buckets for free from bakeries and restaurants.  The Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers can be found on the internet and are not very expensive.

Now as many of you know the Mormon Church has been involved with food storage for many years and has conducted studies of how little you can get by on.  The following is a recommendation for a minimum food storage.

Product Recommendations

The following suggested amounts are for one adult.

11.5 kg./ 25 lbs Wheat, white rice, corn, and other grains 30+ years
2.5 kg. / 5 lbs Dry beans 30+ years

You may also want to add other items to your longer-term storage such as sugar, nonfat dry milk, salt, baking soda, and cooking oil. To meet nutritional needs, also store foods containing vitamin C and other essential nutrients. 

The above long-term food storage products will keep you alive, but it may not be your favorite diet.  Personally, I keep a much wider variety of items.  I suggest that if you are short of cash like most of us, start with the above recommend foods and add more variety as you can afford it.

Here is the list of long-term food storage products that I recommend A List of Foods That I Recommend You Have in Your Storage  

Remember that the above recommendations from the Mormon Church are just a starting point. However, they do let you acquire long-term food storage products quite inexpensively.  As far as the commercially prepared long-term food storage products we discussed in yesterdays post, I have some in my storage, they are great for use in the transition period from your regular diet to your new one.


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