Free Civil Defense manuals from Various Countries

Back during the height of the cold war, the US had a fairly well developed civil defense system in place.  There were fallout shelters identified in many areas and the government had some excellent manuals on civil defense that are now out of print.  Over the years these programs have been done away with and most of this information is not readily available to the public.  Much of this older information is still valid and would be useful in case of any type of emergency involving nuclear weapons or radiation.

While doing some research on this, I found an interesting new site The Civil Defense Museum.  This site has a lot of older information from when the United States actually had a civil defense plan in place.  There are detailed shelter plans both for improvised and permanent shelters.  In addition, for those of you who may have older radiation instruments, there are instructions and maintenance manuals.  There is also information on the old civil defense hospitals and their contents.  All of this information is available for downloading.

An additional site is Emergency Preparedness and Civil Defense eBooks.  This site has a number of downloads of various US civil defense manuals that are now out of publication, but contained good information.  This site includes information as recent as from the late 1980’s.

Another site that I recently encountered lets you download the current Japanese Disaster manual from Tokyo.  While this manual is primarily centered on earthquakes it does have some information that will apply during any type of disaster. The English language version is available for download.

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The Israeli government has one of the best-developed civil defense systems, they have an extensive system of bomb shelters and good access to gas masks and other survival equipment.  However, I am disappointed in the only manual I have been able to find in English.  Here is a link at which you can download it.

You may want to consider adding some of these books to your library.


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