Glo-toobs are an Interesting Light


Recently I read the Survivalist Series by A American and enjoyed it.  In the first book, he kept mentioning a light called the Glo-toob.   He made it sound so good that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.  So a while back I ordered a couple.

Since they arrived, I have had a chance to play with them and learn more about the product.  The Glo-toob​ is a multi-function, light that can be purchased in one of several configurations.  The Glo-toob is different than a flashlight in that it gives off 360 degrees of light.

The Original Glo-toob is powered by a 23A alkaline battery and will last for 30 hours.  They claim it is so strong that it will remain waterproof to 11,500 feet.  This is the one referred to in the book.  I did not buy this one because of the special battery.

They also make the FX series which is similar to the original but has seven different light modes including slow strobe and SOS.  It should last 30 hours in the permanent light mode.  It also uses the 23A alkaline battery.

A third style is powered by lithium batteries.  This one will stay lit for 100 hours and has 11 lighting modes.  I avoided this one because of the lithium batteries.  However, I may end up purchasing a couple of these because they have an infrared capability.  This could be quite useful at night in conjunction with night vision.

The fourth style is the one I ended up purchasing.  It is the smallest and only has three different modes, 100 percent, 25 percent, and flashing, but it uses only one AAA battery.  The battery life is much shorter 4-15 hours depending on the mode.  The big reason that I purchased this model was that all my battery powdered devices work on AA or AAA batteries.  I have reusable batteries in these sizes and everything to charge them.

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The light is waterproof to 200 feet.  I am not planning to be anywhere that deep, but do like the fact that it is waterproof.  The light is reasonably bright and you could read by it in a tent.  Hung up in a shelter or tent this would be a more practical light than a flashlight. One thing that I have done with this and that I do with all my lights is to treat the threads and o rings with silicone grease.  Just a little put on the threads makes them turn easier and the silicone lengthens the life of the rubber o-rings.  Here is a link to a post I wrote about this, Waterproofing Flashlights  

All the Glo-toobs are constructed from very durable components.  The one I got seems quite tough and I think that it would still work if I ran my truck over it. I am happy with it and would recommend it to others.


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