Homemade Wooden Gardening and Hay Forks



The other day I was up at my father’s, he’s 89 years old and is still out splitting and cutting firewood.  While looking around I saw some homemade wooden forks that he uses for working in the yard and garden.  He made them a while back, after remembering how useful they were on the farm he was raised on.  They used them for loading alfalfa and hay by hand as well as many other uses.  Currently he mostly uses them for picking leaves and other yard debris and putting them in his backhoe bucket.  Yes, he still runs it.

The forks are fairly easy to make and serve their purpose well.  For picking up grasses, hay, alfalfa and leaves by hand, he says they work better than any modern tool.  You can see by the pictures that they are not hard to make.  His only concession to time is he now uses glue as well as nuts and bolts or nails.  He says that makes them last longer.

Bottom side of rake. you can click on the pictures to make them larger.
Top side of rake


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