How Much Salt Should You Store?

How much salt do you store?  I personally store an excessive amount of salt.  It is cheap, stores indefinitely, if protected from moisture and can be retained in its original packaging.  Salt was used as a preservative prior to refrigeration (salt fish, salt pork, salt beef, etc.)  Because of its many uses as a food preservative and its low cost, I recommend you store at least 100 lbs of salt.
There are two main types of salt you should consider, canning and iodized. Iodized salt is the common table salt most of us use.  It has iodine added.  Canning salt contains no additives such as iodide or anti-clumping agents.  This is the salt that you would normally use in canning or brining.  Salt may form clumps when exposed to moisture, but it does not hurt the salt.  Just break up the clumps.

Historically, brining and salting has been used as a method to preserve meat. Some method were as simple as submerging the meat in a barrel of salt water.  The salt solution was judged ready when it would float a raw egg. This solution would require approximately 8 lbs of salt to 5 gallons of water.  Cover the meat completely with the solution and leave covered until ready to use.

From the amount of salt it requires you can see that it pays to store a substantial amount.  In the near future I will post more information on preserving food with salt.


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