How to Protect Yourself During a Terrorist Attack

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A friend sent me an excellent article and Youtube on how to protect yourself during a terrorist attack. It is prepared by Peter Burlingame who has studied how terrorists train, plan, and operate, since the very first Al Qaeda training tapes were recovered from the camps in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11… Now I don’t normally put up this type of post. but I made an exception because I think this contains some excellent information.  It first appeared in the Gun Writer,  Here is a link to the full article which I suggest you read in its entirety. 

Here are some suggestions on what to look for in the article and the attached youtubes.

Watch the videos of the knife attacks in Israel. Learn what they look like, what does the precursor body language look like? A second’s warning can be put to good use and make all the difference in the outcome. The attackers have no special training. They don’t need any. Look at how hard it is to defend against. Will you be able to defend against an knife attack, long enough to be able to deploy your sidearm? Are you ready and able to provide self aid to patch up the wounds you might receive?

Be alert. Obviously, to what is going on around you. Your first clue might be unusual body language of the flock of sheep surrounding you. Recognize it quickly! Use windows before you enter/exit buildings. A bunch of frozen bodies all looking in the same direction is a clue! This is where step 1, knowing what your basic response is going to be kicks in. Do you exit the building, running in the direction that they are looking, or stay inside, heading for the rear exit, to get you and your family out safely? …

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One thing that I liked about his information was the use of the Israeli bandage.  They are very effective and I am a big believer in them.  Knowing how to protect yourself or your family may go beyond escaping the attack.  You may need to know how to treat a wound to keep either yourself or others alive.

Here is another link showing a knife attack, that you may find informative. Take the time to learn how to protect yourself and your family from attacks on the street, whether they are terrorists or muggers.


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