The Kobun Tanto Styled Boot Knife by Cold Steel

The other day I received a Cold Steel Kobun from Knife Hog (  First thing, I have never bought anything from them and have not had any business dealings with them.  However, I have not heard anything bad so deal with them at your own risk.

The Kobun that they sent me is a lightweight Tanto styled boot knife made by Cold Steel. I like boot knifes but where I live you have to be pretty careful or you can run afoul of the law. Before you carry a boot knife concealed, check the laws where you live.

The Kobun Tanto has a 5.5-inch blade with and overall length just under 10 inches. It is a Tanto styled knife with a reinforced point. This is different that most boot knifes which normally have paper thin points which are easily damaged. The Kobun’s point is highly resistant to breakage because the full thickness of the blade’s spine runs almost to the very tip of the blade.

The Kobun Tanto is made from Japanese Aus 8A stainless steel. It is a good stainless steel that sharpens easily. It does not hold as good an edge as some of the more expensive knifes, but for the price I would consider it good. The knife steel selection chart says the following about AUS 8A stainless, “A high carbon, low chromium stainless steel which has proven itself to be the ultimate compromise between toughness and strength, edge holding and resistance to corrosion”.

The Kobun’s hilt is made of checkered Kraton, a polymer used a replacement for rubber and is designed to provide a good grip. Because it is a boot knife, the hilt is made as thin as possible (approximately 1/2 inch). Personally, I find the hilt a bit on the small size and my hands are not overly large.

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The sheath provided with the Kobun Tanto is designed to be worn inside of a pair of boots. This means that if you wear the sheath on your belt is will be backward if worn on the right side. If you are a lefty, it works great. If you wear your knife tied to your gear, you will like this sheath it has 10 holes for tying it down.

One surprising thing that we found is that the knife is fairly well balanced and throws quite well. My wife is into knife throwing, but I do not consider knife throw as a good choice for self-defense.

If you have need of a boot knife, the Kobun tanto is a good inexpensive choice, it can be purchased for under $35.00 on the net

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  1. I really like the Cold Steel knives as they are made from durable material and remain sharper for a longer period of time.

  2. Thanks for sharing the review about Cold Steel knife. I really like the Cold Steel knives whether folding or fixed blade.

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