LEDs and Faraday Cages

I have been spending some time studying the effects of EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) and now I am more confused than ever.  There are so many conflicting theories that I have come to the conclusion that I will prepare for the worst case and hope they are wrong.

I am basically putting one of anything I want to be sure and save in a Faraday bag.  This is a mil spec bag that I get from Tect Protect.  See More on EMP Protection

The items that I place inside the bag are either wrapped in plastic and then aluminum foil or placed is a metal can with no opening.  Items in the can are insulated from the sides of the can.

Among the items you protect include LED flashlights.  An LED is a diode (Light Emitting Diode) and as such is a silicone-based semiconductor.  This may be destroyed by EMP.  There are some differences of opinion on this.  As I said, I am going with the worst-case version.  Along with the flashlight, I am including some Eneloop rechargeable batteries and a Powerfilm solar charger.  This will give me the ability to keep a flashlight functioning for several years.

The reason I included the batteries in the Faraday cage is that I have been told by a good informed source that there is a question about the effects of EMP on NiMh/NiCd/LiIon batteries.  So again, I am playing safe.

So again, my rule is if you want to be sure it will survive a EMP attack, put it in a Faraday Cage.


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11 thoughts on “LEDs and Faraday Cages”

  1. For what it’s worth, my (retired) father was a nuclear engineer, as in he designed reactors, and he says put stuff in a Faraday cage, electrically insulated on the inside so that the stuff does not touch the cage. Basically, the gamma rays knock electrons loose and this current can destroy electronics if there is too much current.
    I had thought batteries would be safe, but can see a possibility for harm. +1 for Eneloop batteries. And there are adapters on amazon for using Eneloop AAs in devices that use C or D cells.

  2. Hi Howard – I love your site and check it at least 2x per week; please keep up the good work.
    I (like you) was also confused by the conflicting info I found regarding faraday cages. And I (like you) also found the TechProtect bags and have several – I went with bag inside bag inside foil-and-cardboard-lined ammo can as my faraday device. Also, I (like you) figured on worst-case & that LED lights, solar chargers, and Eneloop batteries were the #1 thing that I need to protect against EMPs – so that’s what’s in my (small) faraday ammo-can/cage too.
    Take care & keep prepping.

  3. Its a very confusing subject because there hasnt been a true test in forever and our technology has changed greatly. Alot of small controlled tests with alot of applied theory.
    On the batteries when we practiced drills in the green machine we were told to bury our truck batteries for protection so there had to be a reason they thought they would be harmed so they must be vunerable

  4. I agree with y’all, the information on EMP and Faraday cage contain conflicting data.
    You can only do your best with the information available.
    I have 2 separate insulated filing cabinets that are grounded. I have insulated metal tool boxes in each cabinet for additional protection.
    Each cabinet has rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA, C, and D) with solar and conventional chargers, radios, flashlights, 2 way radios, MP3 players, and misc. electronic items (fans, volt meter, etc.). In one cabinet I store my NVG with 3 batteries and charger. Thank you for your site, very good information.

  5. Just a thought; a modern waterproof flashlight is a really good mini faraday cage except for the business end and the components are all insulated from the case. If you have a metal cap over the lens that makes electrical contact with the case, everything should be protected.

  6. Will this work? In the garage/barn a 55 gallon drum with locking ring for the top can be made into a Faraday cage that will hold a lot of stuff. I can buy them used for $15.00 each in my part of the world. Line them with corrugated cardboard and you still have room for small solar panels,batteries, charger and inverter.

    1. Yes I believe that will work fine as long as you get a tight fit at the top and line it with a non conductive material, cardboard will work.

  7. Is there a solar set up that I can buy that will just be for 1 , 110 VT plug? I can use it for recharging. Would it run my refrigerator when I’m not using it for charging?

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