Canning Hamburger is Easy

Cook it first

The only difference between canning stewing beef is that hamburger needs to be cooked first.  Sauté the hamburger and place it in a colander.  Allow the fat to drain off.  When the hamburger has cooled down can it similar to beef.

  • First, I washed all the jars and get the rings and lids together.
  • Next, I warm the lids in a pan of hot water.
  • I put the hamburger in the jars.
  • Pack your jars and use a rod to push down and get all the air holes out.
  • Fill the jar with boiling water, leaving an inch at the top.
  • Add salt if desired
  • Clean the tops of the jars with wet cloth to get a good seal.
  • Put on the lids and rings
  • Leave the rings a little lose but tight enough that they don’t leak.
  • Pack your pressure cooker with jars and follow cooking directions for your type of cooker.

Mine is the All American model 930 and requires 90 minutes at 11 pounds pressure for quarts and 75 minutes at 11 pounds for pints.  It does 14 quarts or 19 pints at a time.

The question of why you don’t can it raw often comes up.  I have never canned it raw. All the experts I have read or studied said to cook it first.  I have been told that if you don’t cook it first the fat becomes a problem.  A lot of my canning information comes from the University of Georgia and they say to cook it first.  My husband thinks it is partly because of the contaminants that are ground up it the meat.  You notice that every time someone gets e coli poisoning from beef, it is the hamburger.

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3 thoughts on “Canning Hamburger is Easy”

  1. We can our own ground deer meat but we dont cook it first. We just pack it raw and process it the same way you do. Of course it doesnt have the fat in it that beef would or the contaminants. We have never gotten sick.

  2. This is my first year of doing hamberger. But I have jars of other meat for 3 years so far and it’s still fine. I will try and get my husband to research it for you. Freezing meat only last 6 mouths to 1 year without it getting freezer burnt, depending on the cut of meat. Even when its put in the food saver bags. Hope this helps.

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