Making Apple Juice and Apple Sauce from the Same Apples

Using a steam juicer and a Squeezo


A friend gave me about 20 pounds of apples that were ripe and ready to be preserved.  So yesterday, we decided to run them through a steam juicer to get some fresh apple juice.  The left over pulp was run through a Squeezo to make applesauce.

We washed and cut the apples up and placed them in the top section of the juicer.  The juicer consists of three sections.  The lower one in filled about two thirds with water.  The second section catches the juice which you can then drain off though a hose that attaches to the side of this section.  The top section contains the fruit to be juiced.

The steam from the water breaks down the cell structure in the fruit releasing the juice which runs down into the second section.  The apples we were using were not a juice apple, but we got about 1 quart of concentrated apple juice each time we filled the top section.  The juice you get from this type of a juicer is concentrated and is great for making jellies.  If you intent to drink it you can dilute it with an equal part of water.

The inside of the second section that catches the juice showing how the steam reaches the top section

The pulp was saved and ran through our Squeezo.  A Squeezo resembles an old fashioned hand grinder with a long nose.  When you run the pulp through it the apples skins, cores and seed come out one side and the applesauce out the other.  Because the apples were cooked in the juicer, the applesauce is ready to can.  The left over skins and cores can be added to your compost pile and you have no waste.  From twenty pounds of apples, we produced seven quarts of applesauce and three quarts of the concentrated apple juice.

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The hardest part is turning the handle on the Squeezo (it is hand powered).  This might be a good day to have your grandchildren visit.

This is enough apples to make a little over two quarts of applesauce and 1 quart of concentrated juice
A Squeezo


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5 thoughts on “Making Apple Juice and Apple Sauce from the Same Apples”

  1. Hi Howard,
    Just got done reading your post. I love this blog, always full of usefull info. I bought a Squeezo at a resale shop for 3 bucks, but it had no instructions. Can you give me any advice on what else I might be able to use it for besides apples and tomatoes and do they have to be cooked first? Thanks for any info you can provide. Keep up the good work.

    1. I use my squeezo for alot. I had gotten my hands on 2 cases of grapes, ran them through the squeezo and made grape jelly with the juice. When I pick blackberries, I always run them through the squeezo to get rid of most of the seeds before processing into jelly. There are websites out there where you can get replacement rubber seals, screens and directions. I don’t know one off the top of my head, but just do a google search and you will find them. As for cooking or not, it depends on you and how strong your arms are…

  2. I have just purchased an apple steamer and made some great juice was wondering if any preservatives are needed. thankyou

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