Making Scrapple and Sausage

This is a recipe that will come in handy when things are tough. Since we will be trying to use everything we have and not waste anything.

The following is a recipe that I found in an old cookbook from the 1800’s and I hope that you will try it next time you butcher that hog. If you have ever made sausage you know that there are many leftover parts.

“Scrapple is generally made from the head, feet and any pieces which may be left after having made sausage meat.

Scrape and wash well all pieces designed for the scrapple, put them in a pot with just as much water as will cover them. Add a little salt and let them boil slowly till the flesh is perfectly soft, and the bones are loose. Take all the meat out of the pot, pick out the bones, cut it up fine, and return to the liquid in the pot. Season it with pepper, salt, and rubbed sage, to taste. Set the pot over the fire and just before it begins to boil, stir in gradually as much Indian meal (corn meal) as it will make it as thick as thick mush. Let it boil a few minutes, take it off, and pour it in pans. When cold, cut it in slices, flour it, and fry it in hot lard, or sausage fat.

Some prefer buckwheat meal; this is added in the same manner as the Indian. Indian meal is preferable, as it is not as solid as buckwheat

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Sweet marjoram may be added with the sage, if preferred.”

Here is a Sausage Meat Recipe from the same book; (In case you need one)

  • Twenty-five pounds of pork
  • Half a pint of salt
  • One gill of rubbed sage (six tablespoons)
  • Half a gill of black pepper (three tablespoons)
  • One tablespoon of cayenne pepper

We hope that this will help with preparing your recipe book for the tough times. Those fancy kitchen do dads will not work without electricity. Start now to gather all the recipes that you will need for solar, Dutch ovens, open camp fires and rocket stoves… Using your propane stoves and alternative fuels has a learning curve.

Are you ready to try it? Now you need a hog. Our son has one that will be butchered in September. Don’t know about sausage, but the other parts he may give up.

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  1. Scrapple is the best breakfast food I have ever had the pleasure of eating. We have it at least once a week in my house.

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