My Wife’s Handy Household tool Kit


As we get older, we are all looking for ways to make projects around the house easier.  I have always had tools that I use specifically for me. Now we have tools for the yard and the car and of course, Howard’s tools in the garage, but the tools in the house always seem to be all over the place.  My tool drawer that has everything but tools. I never have what I need handy.

Now I have found the right container for my house tools (If I can keep my husband out of them).  I was cleaning the garage and found a bag that a friend gave me years ago.  At the time I thought well someday I will use it. Well, the time has come, I found a five gallon bucket (of which we have plenty) cleaned it out and stuck the bag inside of it.  (The bag of course was meant to be a tool holder in a five-gallon bucket, what a surprise, right.)

I made a few modifications of course since some screw drivers are too long and the pockets are too wide and shallow.  I put the tools in the bucket that I am always looking for to do repairs or projects with.  After I finished the bucket, I was amazed at the stuff I could get into it.  Not only is this a great household use, but in an emergency you can grab the handle and put it with the other emergency items you are taking.

The list below is a sample of my tools and gadgets that I use.

  • Hammer, 2 sizes
  • Scissors, small to medium
  • Screwdrivers, straight blade and Phillips head
  • Screwdrivers, metric if you feel you need them
  • Measuring tapes, I have a cloth one and metal one
  • Electrical ties, all sizes
  • Electrical tape
  • Masking tape
  • Wire strippers
  • Nails (put in small containers)
  • Screws, small to large (put in small containers)
  • Picture hangers
  • Exacto knife
  • Wire cutters
  • Clippers (for indoor plants)
  • Glue (gorilla glue, wood glue, and super glue)
  • Pencils and sharpener
  • Toothpicks (to spread glue)
  • Matches
  • String medium weight and clothesline tool
  • Saw that folds
  • Small pipe wrench
  • Crescent wrenches
  • Putty for walls
  • Hand brush, small
  • Pliers
  • Channel locks
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I am sure that there are many other things that you can put in the bucket, but this is what I use.  I am not sure how much the bag is, but have fun with it and make it your own ready to use bucket of repairs.  It’s easy to store and would even make a good gift for that special someone.

Preparedness Mom

Now I know where my tools have been disappearing too.



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2 thoughts on “My Wife’s Handy Household tool Kit”

  1. Where is the DUCT tape? In Canada we use a screwdriver called a “Robertson” or square head. I am sure the US sells these screwdrivers and screws. Henry Ford wanted to use them on his new Model T as they saved hours of assembly time but he could not get the license; he used the Phillips head instead.
    Put this screwdriver and a bunch of screws that fit it in your bucket.

  2. This is a pretty awesome kit! There are a couple of things in this list I wouldn’t think to include in a toolkit. Definitely putting some more stuff together in mine. Thanks for sharing this.

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