How do We as Preppers React to Terrorist Threats


Today on Drudge I saw the following news item, “ISIS Hackers Plan “Message to America” Attack Today”, they are announcing a hacker attack that is suppose to occur at 2 pm est.  The hackers are promising something “surprising” that “will frighten America”.

Then I see where another group of supposedly ISIS terrorists is tweeting about an attack on London, complete with images of guns and suicide belts.  A retweet of a chilling message sent out by a user called ‘@71LastTweep’ also warns Muslims to stay away from the Covent Garden area, a location in the West End of London popular with shoppers and tourists. In addition they sent out other tweets giving different locations for a possible attack.

Now I believe that attacks and threats of attacks will become more common.  If an actual attack occurs, it will cause deaths or injuries and property damage.  In addition to this, it causes significant economic damage, due to disruption of business etc.

Now threats are a different problem.  A threat often causes disruption and economic loss with very little danger to the perpetrator.  So how do we as preppers react to threats like those that have been made today?

We use a certain amount of something the government lacks “common sense”.  We go about our daily lives in a normal manner.  We do not panic everytime we hear of a threat.  We may choose to avoid large crowds or events that could be a terrorist’s target, but we do not run in fear.

We are familiar with weapons and know how to react in a terrorist attack.  We know how to take cover and avoid attention.  Fight or flight, are decisions that you have to make in a split second.  But we do not hesitate, you have to react not panic.  If we see something going on we do not become spectators, we either help or leave the area.

Fortunately, most threats are just that, a sick way of attracting attention or causing disruption.


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1 thought on “How do We as Preppers React to Terrorist Threats”

  1. I will never let anyone influence my behavior. I won’t cower in my basement afraid to go out. Instead, I will connect with like people, inform others of options and be visible to show that this is my country and I will stand strong.

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