Preserving your Leather Boots

The other day I dug out a pair of boots that had been sitting in my hot garage for about 20 years.  They were a pair of US Military issue black boots.  Where I live, the garage often heats up to 100 degrees or more in the summer.  I normally do not store prep in it because of the heat.  The last time I used the boots I had coated them with Sno-seal before putting them away.

Surprisingly the boots were in good serviceable condition.  I cleaned them up tried them on and found that they still fit fine.  After renewing the coat of Sno-seal, I set them in the sun to get warm so that the Sno-seal would penetrate well.  The boots were then placed back in storage but in a cooler place.

Sno-seal is a product that a shoemaker told me about 30 or more years ago.  Sno-seal the original is the one I use.  It is made with bees wax.  There is a new version for sale but I am still using the original.  Sno-seal claims in its adds that it

  • Penetrates into the grain providing maximum waterproofing.
  • Lubricates and conditions leather without softening.
  • Preserves and lengthens the life of leather.
  • Does not interfere with the natural breathability of leather.

After using it all these years, I believe them.  It has worked well for me and I have no qualms about recommending it.


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