Rice is a Main Food Source for Over Half of the World’s Population.


The television show Survivor is largely a joke as far as any real survival techniques.  With one exception, they do make the contestants go hungry to a point.  The main food that they do provide them is rice which is a good survival food.

Rice is one of the most widely consumed foods in the world.  Large numbers of people live on rice and beans as the staple in their diet.  It is readily available and very inexpensive.  It is easy to store and can last for 30 years if properly packaged.  Studies show that white rice, also known as polished rice is a main food source for over half of the world’s population.

Rice is an excellent addition to your preps because it’s versatile, has lots of calories, and good shelf life.  Average families should store about 300 lbs of grains per person in a one-year supply.  Depending on your personal preferences, about 25 to 60 lbs of rice should be stored per person.  There are three main types of white rice that are generally available.  In additional there are some specialty types that are not as available, so we won’t discuss these.

Types of rice

Long Grain.  Long grain white rice is about three times longer than it is wide.  After cooking it is firm and fluffy (not sticky).

Medium Grain.  Medium grain white rice is between 2-3 times longer than it is wide.  Cooked U.S. medium grain is soft, moist and sticky in texture.

Short Grain.  Short grain Rice is less than two times longer than it is wide.  Short grain is very sticky and sometimes called sushi rice.

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When you purchase white rice, you can choose the type depending on your intended use.  Purchase quality rice from a trusted source.  If in bulk, inspect it for insects or discoloration, prior to purchasing.  Do not buy it if it is infested with insects.  I have known people who did buy cheap infested rice, thinking they could kill the insects.  It is not a good place to save money.

Studies conducted by Brigham Young University sampling polished and parboiled rice stored from 1 to 30 years found that both types will keep their nutrients and flavor up to 30 years.

Brown rice is better nutritional than white but has a shorter shelf life. I do not recommend storing it for longer than six months. When rice is polished, it loses a good portion of its nutrients.  In the United States, vitamins and minerals: iron, niacin, thiamin, and folic acid are added to replace a portion of what is lost in the polishing.  Rice is high in starch and fiber.  In addition, rice is low in sodium and a good source of protein.  There are no known common allergies to it or its constituents.

I recommend storing rice in mylar bags using oxygen absorbers. Here are some links to pages that will show you a good method of preserving your food.  The Long term Bug Free Storage of Dry FoodsSealing Food in 5 Gallon Buckets


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5 thoughts on “Rice is a Main Food Source for Over Half of the World’s Population.”

    1. I have attended BYU and am aware of their studies on the storage life of long term foods, I trust their studies. They advise very strongly not to store brown rice for long periods. Studies they have conducted show that a fairly large portion of the population cannot always identify rancidity in foods. Don’t store brown rice long term.

      1. Attended BYU? And?…

        Rancid food is gag-inducing. It’s doubtful anyone could eat it without knowing something was wrong. I am sorry I presented material on your blog that you disagree with. I went to BYU site for food storage and the articles gave no indication of people not identifying rancidity. It seems they do approve the storage of brown rice. Maybe you should give a citation like I did. Storage of PARBOILED brown rice is just as safe as that of white rice. I never indicated brown rice was acceptable for long-term storage at all. It is not.

        I said parboiled brown rice. Did you read my citation? Parboiled brown rice is safe for storage.

        1. First of all that was not me that disagreed with you. I post all comments as long as there is no profanity or political discussion. This comment even though it disagreed with you was on the subject. Sorry if it upset you, but take it up with Sandy. By the way i appreciate your comments. Thanks

          1. Howard, I got your email. Sorry, I thought Sandy owned the blog. I see you did say that parboiled rice and white rice both stored well. I did not see that and obviously Sandy did not either.

            I could not understand why she said she attended a university except to add substance and authority to her comment. Plus, she did not cite anything to back up her opinion.

            This was a good post. If I had seen ‘parboiled,’ I would not have posted a link to my blog.

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