Rotating Food is a Good Habit to Get Into

rotating food

Every now and then, I like to get back to basics.  So today, I want to talk about rotating food.  One of the biggest problems many of us have is keeping track of our food and rotating it on a regular schedule.

You should have an inventory of your food storage and it should include expiration dates.  This makes it easy to rotate your food.  Once a year you check your inventory and pull out everything that will expire that year.  Move this into your everyday pantry and use it up during the year.  Having the inventory is the whole trick.

Now we know of someone who cans large amounts of meat.  She keeps 365 pints of meat on hand at all times.  Now the way she rotates this is to take out the oldest 50 pints and move them to her everyday pantry.  If you use 2 pints a week, you will have used all 50 pints in about 6 months.  Each time you take the 50 pints out, replace them with fresh canned.  This will let you rotate all your meat in about 3 ½ years.

Now canning 50 pints of meat sounds like a big project to people who have not canned in the past.  But with a good pressure canner, you can do 50 pints in a day. Here are some links to canning meats

rotating food
Canned chicken

If you are a serious prepper, you should get a good pressure canner and learn to can your own food.  We can fruit, vegetable and meat.  We know exactly what goes into it and there are no junk additives.  In a long-term emergency, we can always can the next year’s food as well.

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Learn to can and don’t forget to rotate food, it will save you money in the long run.



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