The Solo Stove, A Great Choice for Your Bug Out Bag

Solos Stove

It is not often, I write a second post about a product, but in this case, I am making an exception.  I love the Solo Stove  it is small compact and very efficient.  For many years, I worked as an arson investigator and I understand the science of combustion.  This is a stove that is well designed and makes very efficient use of the available fuel.

It is very easy to gather up the small sticks and twigs you need to cook with the Solo Stove.  One of its big advantages is that it is not a fuel hog.  You can burn almost anything in it.  This makes the stove very handy if you are in a fuel poor area such as the Southwestern U.S.

Solo Stove

Designed with a double wall, the Solo Stove is a natural convection inverted down gas gasifer stove. That means that the air that is drawn through the bottom holes is heated as it travels up the double wall.  This warm air mixes with the smoke and causes a more efficient burn.  Smoke is just unburned products of combustion.  Get the smoke to burn and you have a cleaner burn fire with less smoke and odors.  This means that your fire will attract less attention.

Solo also makes a windscreen that folds up so that it is easy to carry and makes fire starting a lot easier in bad weather.  I have started fires in the Solo Stove on cold rainy days and the windscreen really helped.

The Solo Stove will also work with a small alcohol burner.  Solo makes one, but the Esbit and small Trangia will also work. I like this stove so much that I am giving one to one of my sons for his birthday.  The stove is currently available for about $69.99.  I recommend that you get the cup and windscreen with it.

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If you do a lot of backpacking, you will find this stove easy to carry and use.  I have one in my bug out kit.  This is a stove that I can recommend without reservations


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  1. I hope your son doesn’t read this post before his birthday!

    The stove looks interesting – I’m going to go check out the link you have.

    Thanks for the update.

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