The T-Lite LED Lighting System Works Great, When the Power is Out

T-Lite LED Lighting System

I normally don’t repeat a post, but I am about to make an exception in this case.  Most of this information was posted a couple of years ago.  It is about the T-Lite LED lighting system made by Sundaya.  The T-Lite led lighting system was developed for third world countries and is one of the simplest and easiest to use solar systems that I have seen.  I have had one and have used it extensively and have found it to be reliable and work well.

What caused me to write about it today was that my granddaughter was looking at it and thought it was amazing.  She has wanted to make some you-tubes, so we made the one that is at the end of this post.

The T-Lite LED lighting system consists of 1 or 2 lights depending on which model you purchase, a solar panel, a distribution hub, all the necessary cabling and batteries.  In other words, everything you need in one small package.  This system is so simple that a child could put it together in a few minutes.

I have the one with two lights.  Each light produces 180 lumens of power at their highest setting.  At this setting, it will provide light for up to 7.5 hours.  It has two lower settings and will last at, 90 lumens for 15 hours or, 15 lumens for 75 hours.  The only problem that I have encountered with it is that it is a touch type of switch and it is a bit sensitive and can be accidently turned on.

The one light kit sells for $79.00 and the two light kit for $139.00.  My two light kit is the perfect size to light a 20 foot shipping container.  The battery is built into the light, so you can disconnect the light from the system while it is still on and use it for a portable light.  It makes a great flashlight.

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The T-Lite Led lighting system can be purchased from Sierra Solar in Grass Valley, California , phone number 1-888-667-6527. This is a system that I can recommend.  The only downside is that it is not manufactured in the US. It comes from Indonesia.


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7 thoughts on “The T-Lite LED Lighting System Works Great, When the Power is Out”

  1. When we travel in the motor home we use various solar powered lights. I purchased three table type lamps from the dollar store for $1 apiece. They don’t give out much light but they are excellent for a night light, a light to leave on when you are out and coming back after dark and also good when we are sitting at the table using our computers and a brighter light would be too bright. Then we have the garden spotlight types which give out enough light to read by. I use a piece of plastic tubing screwed into the wall at strategic places and you simply place the stem of the light into the tubing and direct the light towards your book over your shoulder sitting in the chair. The last one we use is a solar light that looks like a rock. You aim the light at the door or towards the camp table or where ever it is needed and it gives good ambiant light for campers to see clearly to walk around.

  2. I came across Solar Wise on a site I was looking over, perhaps this one, and ended up ordering 5 of them. They arrived and I am trying to get them charged in our Pacific Northwest overcast. They seem to put out a lot of light and are pretty handy. The background story is another reason I bought 5. More expensive than Dollar Store though.

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