Using Butter Powder and Other Long Term Storage Foods

butter powder

One thing that I have found is that many people are storing lots of long-term storage food and never trying them.  A good example is butter powder.  Everybody assumes that it will taste like normal butter.  Well the truth is that there are some tricks to using it and the taste is not always exactly the same.  For instance, butter powder is unsalted.

The butter powder we use and how to mix it.

 Here is a video showing the way we mix our butter powder.

Baking with butter powder

Powder butter can be used to replace butter in a 1-1 ratio in most baking recipes.  If you have a recipe that calls for 1/4 cup of butter, you would substitute 1/4 cup of powder butter and 1/4 cup of water.  You do not need to mix them together first.  It works best to mix the butter powder in with the dry ingredients, and the water in with the wet ingredients in your recipe.

Will My Recipes taste the same?

Probably not powdered butter tends to make things turn out a little lighter and fluffier.  You need to try the brand of butter powder you are purchasing to make sure you like it and learn how best to use it.

Can I spread butter powder on bread? 

Yes, but you may want to vary the mixture slightly to get a consistence that you like.  Adding a small amount of salt may make it taste more like fresh butter.

Can I Use Powdered Butter to Fry Foods?

No, powder butter will not melt like regular butter so it will not work in recipes calling for melted butter to fry your foods.

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Whatever foods you are storing you need to try them now and make sure, they work for you.  Different brands vary in storage life and taste.  Every brand has a few tricks that improve their taste.  Whether it is butter powder or some other food, if you are storing it you need to try it.


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5 thoughts on “Using Butter Powder and Other Long Term Storage Foods”

  1. What are the ingredients and the nutritional info in the butter? Is it the same as real butter? Just wondering how to powder a fat like that. I winder if there is powdered lard. Thanks

  2. I haven’t tried powdered butter. BUT, I have tried canned butter, canned cheese, and freeze dried cheese and didn’t like any of them.

    What I have found that I do like are some of the “buttery spreads” like Smart Balance. It is still very tasty after 8 months storage in their super market containers at “room temperature” (<70F) in my whine cellar (yes "whine" because I whine a lot about it not being cooler on 95+F summer days). I'm gradually adding to my stock pile (while using the oldest stuff) to see how long it will stay good. For me, an 8 month supply is probably more than adequate for most emergencies I'm likely to encounter.

    Hangtown Frank

    The same thing is true for cheese. I buy mild Cheddar and Monterey Jack in 1 and 2 pound plastic shrink wrapped blocks. Their flavor improves while stored on the shelf in my whine cellar for at least 9 months. Again, I'm gradually increasing my stockpile to find out how long they will remain pleasingly palatable.

    I have 10 years old powdered milk and pasta in their original store wrappings in my whine cellar. They are still pleasingly palatable.

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  4. I tried to find the Pack Away Food Co, but couldn’t locate anything but archives. Also, on the Freeze Dry Guy website it has a picture of the dehydrated foods, but won’t come up if I click on it. Where can I purchase the powdered butter?


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