Why You Want a Family Picture in Your Bug Out Bag

family pictures

A friend of mine has a large and young family, in case of a disaster his plan A is to bug in, but there is always plane B, bugging out.  His children run in age from four to fifteen, so all but the very youngest can walk a fair distance and even he can carry a small pack.  One of the first things he does when building a bug out bag or seventy-two-hour kit is to put a family picture in everyone’s pack.  He considers these family pictures one of the most important items in the pack.

While you will always strive to keep your family together, there is always the possibility that you will become separated. In the confusion of a bug out you never know what will happen, especially if there are a large number of people traveling on the roads. This is one of my friend’s biggest fears, losing a child.  At this point, you may have to ask strangers if they have seen your family members.  This is where a family picture comes in handy.  The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is very true when it comes to a young child trying to describe his parents.

A family picture is best since it shows you all together and may make the difference between whether or not your family becomes reunited.  Don’t ‘forget to update the pictures every one to two years.  Appearances can change rapidly.  Put the names on the back of the picture.

If your child is separated from you, a family picture may be a great comfort to them as well as a tool to get you reunited.  It is probably a good idea to laminate the pictures to protect them from damage.

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