Water purification and Filtration one of the Most Important Skills for a Prepper

water purification


Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water.  In other words, it is to take out the bad stuff that may affect you. This is probably one of the single most important things that you need to study.

Now I see many suggestions on the internet for homemade filtration systems often using a container filled with sand, rocks and charcoal.  I have not seen one that I would trust.  If you are planning to improvise a water filter you better really know what you are doing for most of us Sodis or boiling would be a better choice.  See  Sodis an inexpensive method of water purification  A Simple and Inexpensive Water Purification Device the WAPI.

There are many good commercial filters available, some like the Sawyer’s that claim to be able to filter one million gallons.  But whatever type of water filter you purchase, make sure that it will remove particles of less than 1 micron to take out bacteria.  This is absolutely critical.

Commercial water purification systems work by one of several methods, ultra violet light, filtration, distillation and reverse osmosis.  These methods all have advantages and disadvantages.  For instance reverse osmosis and distillation systems are large bulky, require energy or fuel to operate and are not practical in the field.  There are ultra violet and filtration systems that are small portable and quite efficient.

For use in home, I personally like systems like the Berkey or Aqua Rain.  See the following link for more information  An Inexpensive Water Filter the Bucket Berkey.

See also  The Trangia Alcohol Stove

For get home or bug out bags Katadyn, First Need, and Sawyer all make excellent filters. these are only some of the choices that are available.

water purification
The type of filter you should avoid

Be carefully of the type of water you get, make sure that they will supply the amount of water that you will require.  I would avoid the use of homemade filters, all the research that I have done leads me to the conclusion that they are unreliable.

This is just an over view of water purification and filtration.  I intend to write more on this subject in the near future.


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6 thoughts on “Water purification and Filtration one of the Most Important Skills for a Prepper”

  1. Good Morning to all and Merry Christmas.

    I have 3 water filters in case there is no water from the city or county due to a disaster. I have two small Sawyer Mini water filters that clean down to 0.1 micron and can filter 100,000 gallons of water in the two small ounce hand held unit. I got 2 from Amazon Academy has them but higher priced something like 24 dollars. I also have the AQUA PAIL, 1,000 gallon unit as a back up. There is fresh water around within one mile of me and can get the water from a fresh water creek and fresh systems,and in Texas there are MANY aquifers around. Thanks for letting me post and also have water stored in water containers.


  2. You know folks I forgot a BIGGIE Water can be found in canned vegetables. In green beans with water there is about a cup of water to drink and it is clean. SO think about water in canned goods. Might have a tinge but it is clean.


  3. I stock pool shock. The pure chlorine type. One tablet will give a gazillion gallons of chlorox.

    That said, I have unlimited access to swamp water. I’ve ran tests using mechanical (rocks, sand, charcoal, fiber filters), chemical (chlorox, potassium permagnate), and thermal (boiling). I suggest that you use all three for water before you consume it. This will help you avoid the many hours I spent reading magazines as a result of my research.

    The sodis method looks very interesting. I wonder how it will work with swamp water. Naturally, a mechanical prefilter will be required but if it eliminates the chemical and boiling steps it would be nice.

  4. A note about the large open wound Howard mentioned. When we were living in Montana we took care of several horses for an old cowboy and friend. One of the horses got a large open wound on it’s rear leg. We sprayed the wound with Hydrogen Peroxide. (Today we would use Colloidal Silver) We then packed it with sugar and used an Ace Bandage to hold the sugar in place. Change once a day until healed. The sugar keeps the wound soft and helps it heal. There was no scar, only a few white hairs to show the location. This was in the winter. Several local ranchers said they would have shot the horse.
    One other thing about wound healing. We know a woman who got a very long gouge to the bone on her leg. Her parents put her in a chair on the porch and let the flies and maggots do their work. Aside from itching, it healed although she has a scar.

  5. great post, i love reading blogs regarding water purification.
    it has a lot of information which may be useful to your niche. keep posting useful stuffs

  6. it’s not a bad idea having an investment with water purifier. It’s like you’re doing it for the sake of your family’s health. But it’s really up to you if you chose to use inexpensive method.

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