Wonder Oven Bread

Try the following recipe for making bread in a Wonder Oven (a  heat retention cooker). See for directions on how to make one.

Start with your favorite bread recipe.  Mix up the dough, and let it rise as per your recipe.  You then put it in a 46-ounce juice can that has been greased.  Fill the can about half full and stand it in a pot of warm water.  The can should be about 2/3 in the water.  Put the lid on the pan and bring the water to a boil for about 10 minutes.  Immediately put the can into the Wonder-Oven.  Allow it to bake for about 2 hours. It should come easily out of the greased can and you should have a nice cylinder shaped loaf.  The loaf will not have any crust, but should have the same texture as regular bread.

In an emergency, you can use almost any size can or even a waterproof bag.  If you use a bag be sure and keep the top out of the water.  Bread made in a bag will be blob shaped.  Cans have a couple of problems, they rust and are lightweight.  You need to be careful or they will tip over in the boiling water.

The alternative I prefer is to use an asparagus steamer.  This is a tall cylinder shaped pot with a lid. They are sold in high-end kitchen supply stores.  The one I have is made of stainless steel so they won’t rust and they are heavy enough that they won’t tip over.  They hold about twice as much dough as the 46 ounce can, but still seem to cook in about 2 hours.

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2 thoughts on “Wonder Oven Bread”

  1. Interesting. The wonder oven just keeps the heat and bakes it over a long period of time?

    Ive made canned bread before in a pressure cooker, the can was put in the pressure cooker and covered with foil. I guess the process is similar, it gives a nice round loaf :).

  2. I used your recipe and found it to easy, quick and very tasty. My loafs turned out beautiful but when I slice them they become a bit crumbly. Do you know how I can correct this problem?
    Also, I want to thank you for all your good information on using the Wonder Oven. I’ve had mine for quite a while and until I came upon your site I had no idea so many things could be cooked in it. Thank you for putting all the information out there.


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