Wonder Ovens and Cooking Grains

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In the past, I have written several articles on the Wonder Oven and how great they are.  I love using them during the hot months for cooking; it helps to keep the house cool. They are great for cooking grains, roasts, bread, soups and almost anything you can make in a regular oven.

The wonder oven is a thermal cooker.  You heat whatever you are going to put in the oven to its cooking temperature.  You then place the pan in the Wonder Oven and cover it with the insulated top cushion.  The food then cooks in the retained heat.

I don’t use them as much during the winter, but as summer approaches, I have been thinking about them.  Besides keeping the house cooler you’re saving money by not using your oven for hours.  Here is a link with more information on how the thermal cookers work,  WONDER BOX COOKER, A MUST HAVE!!

We have our family Birthday dinners on Sundays and it’s nice to put the main meal in the Wonder Oven to cook while we are at church.  Here is a link to roasting chickens in the wonder ovens, The Wonderful Wonder Oven/box

The Wonder Ovens are easy to sew and stuffed with bean bag filler. There are many ways to fill it, but I prefer the beads, it’s clean and easy and a lot faster.  Here are the directions on how to make one.  WONDER BOX OVEN/COOKER

Cooking grains and oatmeal is easy with a Wonder Oven

Here is a recipe for cooking grains and Steel Oats for breakfast; this normally takes 40 to 50 minutes on a hot stove.  With the Wonder Oven, it just has to be brought to a boil on the stove and is then placed in the Wonder Oven to finish cooking.

This recipe can be used for oatmeal or any other grains, even wheat berries that are not ground.  Bring your water to boil, add oatmeal or grains, sweetener and fruits.  Raisins, dried apples, brown sugars, cinnamon, are suggested.

Boil 1 minute and put pot in Wonder Oven overnight.  This plumps up the raisins and flavors the cereal. You will have a wonderful tasting breakfast ready for you in the morning.

Some general guidelines – always use a pot that is just big enough for what you’re cooking.  The Wonder Oven does not work well if there is a lot of extra air space.  Remember to heat the lid of any pot you’re using to cook in so that everything is hot when you put it in the Wonder Oven

I hope that you will experiment with recipes before you need to. Wasting food during an emergency is not good. So practice when you can.

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