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Computer Failures, EMP and Other Infrastructure Collapses

infrastructure collapses

The electric grid

We have all heard about EMP, CMP, Cyber attacks on the electrical grid and computer failures.  In the last few days, several things have come to my attention that are relevant to these subjects and at the same time show how much we are dependent on electronic systems.  Infrastructure collapses in any of these areas either big or small can affect us.

Yesterday I spoke with a friend whose daughter is having some medical issues.  She had a number of tests including a colonoscopy, a upper GI and some blood test and a biopsy. Now normally you would hear back the results within a couple of days. …

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Lights Out, The Vulnerabilities of the Power Grid to Attack

lights outTed Koppel has never been one of my favorite news people, as a long time anchor for Nightline; I have always felt that he was part of the liberal media that has so hurt this country.  However, he has recently earned a bit of respect from me, because of his new nonfiction book “Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath”.

Ted Koppel who is an investigative reporter investigated the vulnerability of the US power grid to an attack.  In Lights Out Koppel makes the case that the U.S. electric grid is extremely vulnerable to collapse due to cyber warfare, EMP attack, or solar flare (CMP). …

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EMP and the US Militaries Return to Celestial Navigation

EMPNow I don’t claim to have any special knowledge on what is going to happen in the future.  I will be like the rest of you and just have to wait and see how it unfolds.  However, we can all form conclusions and make plans based on the information that we have access too.  Every day we are bombarded with tons of information, a lot of which is misinformation.  Because of the large volume it is easy to miss articles that may affect us  For instance, just yesterday I saw a news article that got me to wondering  US navy returns to celestial navigation amid fears of computer hacking.…

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The Realities of an EMP Attack On This Country

EMP attackWhile I was in Utah on this last trip, I had a chance to attend the Utah Prepare Conference and Expo put on by Utah State University.  They held some great classes and one that I was able to attend was “The Realities, Response, and Recovery From EMP” taught by Jim Phillips.  His background includes being an Electronics Technician, Certified Nuclear Power Plant Operator, Standards Engineer, and Industrial Engineer.  He has done extensive studying of the problems of an EMP attack.

He feels strongly that we will suffer a devastating EMP attack within the next 15 years.  A nuclear explosion set off 30 miles about the center of the United States would take out about a dozen states. …

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Solar storm to hit today

I just received this message and am sending it out for your information.


This is an important message from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) Regional Incident Communication and Coordination System (RICCS).
Location(s): Global
A severe geomagnetic storm sparked by a solar flare swept the Earth Monday and a second is forecast to strike late Wednesday afternoon.

The impact has the potential to be worldwide — everything from power being disrupted to radios blacking out to global positioning systems going a little off-course.

Monday’s event, which was still winding down Tuesday, doesn’t seem to have caused any failures or forced planes to reroute, according to industry statements.

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Your Gun Safe and the Hazards of Electronic Locks and EMP

electronis locksI was recently asked a question about the electronic locks that we see on so many new safes.  The question was will EMP destroy the electronic locks on your safes.  Electronic locking mechanisms are a real convenient, but at the same time they make me nervous because they need a power source.  If the power source fails, you’re stuck, unless your safe has a physical key that will override the electronic lock.  Not all safes with electronic locks have them.

The first question of course is, will EMP fry my lock.  Because of the locks small size and the fact that it is partly surrounded by metal, it is possible that the lock may survive intact. …

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The Best Trash Container I have Seen for EMP Protection


The best trash can for a Faraday cage

EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) is a subject I am always trying to find out more about.  Now I am not going to become an expert in electronics, but I want to know enough to protect my electronic devices.  Now I do not think that I can protect my whole home or even large devices like my refrigerator.  They are on their own and will survive or not.  However, there are many smaller items that I want to survive.

Now I know that there are some differences in the type of pulse that is given off by CMP (coronal magnetic pulse) and EMP. …

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An Excellent Youtube on EMP

The  following Youtube by Dr. Bradley is well worth watching if you are interested in the subject of EMP.  I don’t normally post information from other sites, but I think that this one is well worth sharing.


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How Long does EMP or CMP Last?

EMPSomeone asked this question the other day.  So I thought that I would attempt to share some additional information this subject.

First, while EMP and CMP are different both can cause the same type of damage to electronic devices.

An EMP pulse  would occur in just a few one ten thousandths of a second. That is what makes it so dangerous, it occurs so quickly that there is no warning.  It is thousands of times more powerful than lightning strikes and occurs many thousands of times quicker.  They will only occur as a weapon is detonated and there may or may not be a second detonation. …

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What You Need to Understand about CMP and EMP


CMP is caused by solar storms on the sun

This morning the earth was hit by a solar storm, fortunately the majority of the storm missed us and we were just on the edge.  Tomorrow another storm will hit the earth.  Last July the North Koreans had a tramp steamer off the coast of the US with scud missiles and launches on it.  What you need to understand about CMP and EMP is that the danger is always there.

Lets talk about CMP and tomorrow, Saturday Sept 13th 2014.

Here is the space weather report put out by NOAA for tomorrow.…

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