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Worm Infestations can Effect Your health After TEOTWAWKI

worm infestations

Tapeworms can get up to several feet in length.

The other day I was talking to some young mothers who had never heard of people in this country worm infestations.  They found it hard to believe that they were common only 50 or 60 years ago.  When I was a child, I remember my mother always worrying and watching to see if we had worm infestations.

In talking to a few people, I find that they know very little about how to prevent or treat them.  One very common type of worm is the pinworm or threadworm which looks like a piece of cotton thread. …

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Dakin’s Solution, an Antiseptic You Can Make at Home

First, understand that I am not a Doctor and can’t give medical advice.  I am providing the formula for Dakin’s Solution for information only.

Dakin’s solution, is an antiseptic solution containing sodium hypochlorite and developed to treat infected wounds during the First World War and I understand it is still in use.  At that time the stronger germicidal solutions that were available, such as phenol or iodine either damaged living cells or lost their potency in the presence of blood serum.  Dakin’s solution avoids both problems and its solvent action on dead cells hastens the separation of dead from living tissue.…

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Stocking Up On Emergency Supplies At the Last Minute

emergency supplies

Empty shelves in a supermarket

In any emergency, whether it is a hurricane, major snowstorm or civil unrest resulting in the interruption of food and other supplies, you may need to go shopping. Such emergencies might also include the disruption of utilities.

Now, if you are an experienced and well-prepared prepper and are at home with your preps, you probably don’t need to read any further. However, if you are a beginning prepper, one of the average sheep with no supplies, or an experienced prepper who is caught away from their preps, you need to read this.  Here is a list of emergency supplies that will disappear rapidly and where to find them.…

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16 Tips to Help You Deal with Seasonal Allergies After TEOTWAWKI

seasonal allergiesSpring is upon us and so are seasonal allergies.  Now I have bad allergies and over the years have spent some miserable springs and falls.  Now much of what I do to mitigate them goes out the window when the system fails.  I can no longer hide in an air-conditioned house and most medications will be in short supply.  So what is the solution?

Tips to help deal with seasonal allergies

  1. Stock pile medications, while you have a chance. My doctor gives me refills for 12 months a year.  My allergies only act up for about 6 months a year.  So every year I stock up some extra meds. 
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Preparedness Suppliers that I can Personally Recommend

preparedness suppliers

Don’t get caught like this

Today I decided to write a bit of a different blog.  Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to deal with a number of different preparedness suppliers.  Some of these have been good experiences, some bad.  So today, I decided to write about some companies that I feel that I can recommend without any reservations.

Freeze Dry Guy  A supplier of Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods and other miscellaneous items.  I have dealt with him for at least 30 plus years and have had no problems.

Disaster Stuff    This is a small company ran out of the Rocky Mountains. …

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Common Water Borne Diseases and How to Treat Them Without Modern Medicine

water borne diseasesWe all have to drink to keep our bodies hydrated and most of us know that means you avoid bad water.  Our tap water is treated to kill all of the various diseases that lurk in dirty water.  Water Borne Diseases killed more men during the American Civil War than died from combat.  Getting access to clean water is critical to your survival.

But now what happens, for one of a variety of reasons, someone in your group drinks bad water and becomes sick.  Now you do not have access to modern medicine or antibiotics.  You are strictly on your own.…

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Zika, A Mosquito Spread Potential Pandemic

ZikaCurrently we hear a lot about Zika and the possibility of it becoming a pandemic.  Just today, I saw the following statement on Drudge “With health authorities warning the disease could infect up to four million people in the Americas, ministers from 14 countries held talks in Uruguay to plot their response to the growing crisis, with fears the virus could spread worldwide.

The meeting focused on ways to control the mosquito population spreading the virus, though reports of a US patient catching the disease by having sex fueled fears that it will not be easy to contain.”

The disease is spread by mosquitoes and is now believed to also be spread by sexual contact. …

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Cottonwood Trees are Useful for Preppers

cottonwood trees

The fibrous inner bark that is a good fire starter

I have some cottonwood trees growing on my property, including one that is almost dead.  This got me to wondering whether or not they had any good uses for preparedness.  I have always considered them kind of worthless trees, but after a bit of research I have changed my mind.

While they are not good firewood, they burn poorly because they are so fibrous.  But for many woodsmen, the cottonwood tree is a revered tree.

It is a good indicator of water.  Their roots seek out water and you will normally be able to find water near where they grow.  …

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How to Protect Yourself During a Terrorist Attack

protect yourselfA friend sent me an excellent article and Youtube on how to protect yourself during a terrorist attack. It is prepared by Peter Burlingame who has studied how terrorists train, plan, and operate, since the very first Al Qaeda training tapes were recovered from the camps in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11… Now I don’t normally put up this type of post. but I made an exception because I think this contains some excellent information.  It first appeared in the Gun Writer,  Here is a link to the full article which I suggest you read in its entirety. 

Here are some suggestions on what to look for in the article and the attached youtubes.…

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Diseases of the Past and How They May affect Your Future


Mosquito born diseases will return

Do you know what diseases were common in your area 100 years ago?  I think if you will do some research you will find that the medical problems  very different than today.  While most of us plan our medical kits and training around injuries and wounds, disease may turn out to be the biggest killer after TEOTWAWKI.  In our lifetime, most of us have never had to face the diseases our ancestors did.  Due to modern sanitation, immunization and antibiotics we have not had to face many of the diseases our ancestors did.  A little quick research revealed the following.…

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