Medical Preparations for TEOTWAWKI or a Major Disaster

medical preparations

Let’s assume a few things about a major disaster or TEOTWAWKI.  It will be darker, (no lights), colder, hotter, wetter, drier, and dirtier.  The world will not be as safe. There will be less clean water, less food, more danger, more work, more exposure, and more pain.  These conditions may last for an extended period of time.  So what medical preparations do you and your family needs to survive.

Start with the following medical preparations.

  • Get some basic supplies.
  • Go shopping for some basics over the counter medications to put on your shelves.
  • Go to your local doctor or health department for necessary shots.
  • Go to the dentist and get your teeth checked twice a year
  • Fifth, figure out how you are going to get medications for infections and supplies for chronic medical conditions when there is no pharmacy available.

Make sure your medical preparations contain large amounts of gauze, Band-Aids, Ace bandages, chemical ice packs, and tape.  Don’t forget a couple of SAM Splints.   Make sure you have enough quantity to last your family or group for a couple years.  Gauze and Band-Aids can’t be reused, so make sure you get a lot. They are kind of like money, in an emergency they will be used faster than you think.  Ace wrap and splints can be rewashed and reused for a long time. See the following for a list of medical supplies An Updated List of Medical Supplies 

Medical preparations you may not have thought of include window screen, plastic tarp, duct tape, foam spray, super glue gel, soap, eyeglasses, and a glasses repair kit.  The window screen, spray foam , plastic tarp and the duct tape are so that if you are in a damage structure you can keep it dry and insect free.

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medical preparations
OTC supplies

Duct tape also works well for holding bandages and splints in place.  Super glue can be used to close up small wounds when stitches are not available. Prior to super gluing a wound, make sure that it is clean of infection.

Over The Counter (OTC) meds are currently readily available inexpensively, so make sure that you stock up. 15 Over the Counter Medications Preppers need to Stock.  Store them in a cool dry place.

Remember that medical preparations are not just building a large first aid kit.  They include preventative measures, such as regular check ups, keeping your teeth in good condition and have extra glasses and required medications.


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