Baking Bread, Oops!

baking bread

Have you been baking bread and have various problems occur.  The following are the solutions to some common problems that you may have while baking bread.

  • Poor Shape prior to cooking, uneven tops with lumps and bulges, ok so don’t get mad just re-knead the bread so it’s molded right for the pan.
  • Top crust cracked: Too much flour used during kneading and shaping.  Lightly dust countertop with pinches of flour before kneading.  Do not use an excessive amount when shaping.  Bread cooled too rapidly.
  • Cracks on side and top of loaf: Dough may be to stiff or under kneaded.
  • Poor Texture: Crumbly Bread: usually because of to much flour being added or letting the dough rise too much which causes lightness.
  • Coarse Texture: to little kneading, or short fermentation period.  Bread did not rise: Proof the yeast before using Check the proper water temperature before dissolving the yeast. Salt added directly to the yeast inhibits or kills it.

The breads general appearance should look well shaped with good volume.  Smooth on top and good looking texture. Good bread is free from streaks or extremely close grain. When cut the surface has a velvety feel and taste.

When you are baking bread, read the recipe all the way through, if it takes longer than you have save it for later. Using the right flour and the right amount of ingredients makes a difference too. Wheat flour is the main ingredient in most breads, wheat contains 2 percent of proteins in just the right proportions to make Gluten when water is added to the flour.  Gluten makes it possible for the dough to hold the leavening gas which makes them light.

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Baking bread takes a little time and can’t be rushed.  Relax and have fun with it.  It’s not hard to bake and of course taste better than the store bought bread with preservatives.

So try the whole wheat bread recipe my husband put on his blog a few days ago. A Good Whole Wheat Bread Recipe  Don’t be upset if you have a problem or two the first few times, keep trying and you will become a great bread baker.

The bottom line is that regardless of the small problems I have with shapes, textures and cracks, my husband happily butters and eats it and loves it.

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