How Multi Tools Saved the Day

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For a couple of years, I have been carrying two multi tools, a Leatherman Wave and an older Gerber. Multi Tools are They Worth Carrying? Both have served me well and have helped me in many situations.  Over the years, some people have scoffed and wondered why I carried them.

Recently while in Oregon, I had an occasion to need them in a very unusual situation and they saved the day.  Three of us were out crabbing on the Oregon Coast in a very nice boat when we had a problem occur.  All of a sudden, we noticed that the motor was starting to overheat.  We immediately shut it down to evaluate the problem.

Now this boat had radios, depth finder, fire extinguishers and many other necessary items.  But somehow, the toolbox was missing.  A quick examination revealed that no water was getting to the motor.   Now there is a pump and several hoses that transport the seawater into a cooling chamber that the anti freeze in the motor circulates through.  Somehow, the seawater was not getting to the chamber.

Our options were to fix the problem, call the Coast Guard for help or run the motor hard and see if we could beach the boat.  That is when I heard the question, do you have your multi tools.  Using the two-multi tools we were able to loosen the hoses and found one to be blocked.  Once the hoses were cleaned out, the boat ran fine and we were able to go on with our trip.

Now this resulted in two things one the boat inventory will be checked prior to sailing and there will be tools on the boat.  Second, this validated carrying a pair of multi tools.  It would have been much harder to fix the blockage with only one tool.

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So carry your multi tools.


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5 thoughts on “How Multi Tools Saved the Day”

  1. Redundancy is critical systems is simply good planning. The phrase “Two Is One, And One Is None” is widely used in the military to stress this very point.

    It could be something as simple as carrying an extra pen in your briefcase, an iPAL powerbank to recharge your smart cell phone or a portable VHF marine or airband radio to talk to the Coast Guard or SAR team searching for you when the on-board radio has sunk or been destroyed in a crash and you are “out there” injured and alone in the dark.

    Preparedness isn’t rocket science. It is common sense. It is most often the simple things, easily forgotten, which get you killed.

    For the want of a nail…..

  2. I also carry 2 multi-tools, much to the chagrin of my wife. I find myself bending wire or metal surprisingly often (probably more often than most people) and having 2 plier “jaws” are a must for me.

  3. I have a multi tool. It has come in handy several times. None of those times were life threatening. It is comforting to know that I have a multi tool that I can fall back on if need be, Arthur Gwilliam

  4. Looking at historical multi-tools, such as the WW2 OSS Escape Knife, it is amazing to see how far we have come, and how really well designed, plentiful and affordable our modern EDC tools are.
    The very first Leatherman-type tool I ever saw was a WW2-era German-made tool which was brought back by an American GI.
    Boffins of old would simply marvel at and highly approve of the bewildering choices we have.—sons

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