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The Best Trash Container I have Seen for EMP Protection


The best trash can for a Faraday cage

EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) is a subject I am always trying to find out more about.  Now I am not going to become an expert in electronics, but I want to know enough to protect my electronic devices.  Now I do not think that I can protect my whole home or even large devices like my refrigerator.  They are on their own and will survive or not.  However, there are many smaller items that I want to survive.

Now I know that there are some differences in the type of pulse that is given off by CMP (coronal magnetic pulse) and EMP. …

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An Excellent Youtube on EMP

The  following Youtube by Dr. Bradley is well worth watching if you are interested in the subject of EMP.  I don’t normally post information from other sites, but I think that this one is well worth sharing.


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How Long does EMP or CMP Last?

EMPSomeone asked this question the other day.  So I thought that I would attempt to share some additional information this subject.

First, while EMP and CMP are different both can cause the same type of damage to electronic devices.

An EMP pulse  would occur in just a few one ten thousandths of a second. That is what makes it so dangerous, it occurs so quickly that there is no warning.  It is thousands of times more powerful than lightning strikes and occurs many thousands of times quicker.  They will only occur as a weapon is detonated and there may or may not be a second detonation. …

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What You Need to Understand about CMP and EMP


CMP is caused by solar storms on the sun

This morning the earth was hit by a solar storm, fortunately the majority of the storm missed us and we were just on the edge.  Tomorrow another storm will hit the earth.  Last July the North Koreans had a tramp steamer off the coast of the US with scud missiles and launches on it.  What you need to understand about CMP and EMP is that the danger is always there.

Lets talk about CMP and tomorrow, Saturday Sept 13th 2014.

Here is the space weather report put out by NOAA for tomorrow.…

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LED Flashlights, and AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries.

LED flashlightsI like flashlights, having worked in both fire and law enforcement I have had many occasions in which have I needed to depend on one.  In the old days, the majority of us carried D cell Maglights.  I still have a few around and they are still reliable.  Maglights were big and heavy which was both good and bad.  Bad when you had to carry it, but great when you had to hit someone with it.  However, technology has improved and the LED flashlights are a better choice for my purposes.

I always have at least one flashlight in my everyday carry and often two.  …

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EMP Attack by North Korea is a Real Possibility Says DHS Study

EMP attack

I rarely reprint items from the news, but today I will make an exception.  An EMP attack is something that has worried many of us for some time.  It is something that could bring devastation to most of the US.  The following is an article published by World Net Daily on a study conducted by the Department of Homeland Security showing that an EMP attack by North Korea is a real possibility.

This something that we all should be aware of and learn how to survive.  Here is a link to some prior information I have posted on this subject.


WASHINGTON – A long-suppressed report prepared by the Department of Homeland Security for the Defense Department concludes that North Korea could deliver on its threats to destroy the United States with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack.…

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Nuclear Fallout and (EMP) Electromagnetic Pulse

With the current situation in the Ukraine, I decided to post some links to articles that I have written on the subjects of nuclear fallout and EMP.  Some of these articles were written during the nuclear meltdown in Japan, but the information in them is still valid.

Depending on what develops in the next few days, I intent to write to post some information on improvised nuclear fallout shelters.

nuclear fallout

Here are some improvise shelters from the 1960's. I think these are valid ideas that could make the difference between life and death depending on how far you are from the nuclear detonation.

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My EMP Proof Truck Failure and Murphy’s law.


The subject of EMP proof vehicles has been on my mind for the last few days.  My father who is in his nineties has had to quite driving and he gave my wife his old pickup.  She has always loved that truck and he kept it in good shape.

Since it is a 1972 Chevy that he has owned since it was almost new, we knew the history of the truck.  In the 1970’s when President Carter was messing up the economy and the gas crisis occurred he had the truck converted into a duel fuel vehicle.  It burns both propane and gasoline and has two gas tanks and the propane tank.…

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How to Keep a Motor Vehicle Running After TEOTWAWKI

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who is in his eighties and has been a mechanic since he was about 14 years old.  The subject came up about how today’s cars would fare without all the modern electronic diagnostic machines.

His basic premise was that any car made since the mid 1970’s could not be properly maintained and kept running without a modern auto shop and diagnostic equipment.  Modern cars have fuel injection, electronic ignition, computers and emission control systems.

He says that you need cars that still have carburetors and distributors with points.  Carburetors are easier to rebuild and repair then fuel injection units.  …

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An Excellent Article on the Dangers of EMP

Here is an article sent to me by a friend that I think might be interesting to most of you.


Dr. Peter Vincent Pry: America May Never Recover From EMP Attack

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is the Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security for the Congressional Caucus on EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) that endeavors to carry on the work of the EMP Commission. He is also the Director of the United States Nuclear Strategy Forum, an advisory body to Congress on policies to counter weapons of mass destruction.

Dr. Pry has served on the staffs of the EMP Commission, the Strategic Posture Commission, the Commission on the New Strategic Posture of the U.S., the House Armed Services Committee and the Central Intelligence Agency.

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