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Sanitation and the use of Bucket Toilets

Here is a good article on bucket toilets and sanitation written by a friend of mine.



The bathroom we are all used to, but what happens when it fails.        picture by Fotolia

I can’t remember the year but I do remember the storm. We were well into our first day without electricity and because of the ferocity of the weather outside, we had decided to relocate to the cellar. Even though a tree had fallen on the corner of the house, I felt pretty good about the whole situation. Here we were, sitting in our well-stocked safe room, mattresses and blankets dragged from downstairs. …

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Why Should Preppers Store Lime

limeThere are many things that we should store that will make life easier after a major disaster and I know it is not possible to store everything.  Near where I live there is a old limestone quarry that still has lots of stone.  Hopefully someone will get it functioning after TEOTWAWKI.  Lime has many uses for preppers.

There are three types of lime

Also, it is important to know that lime comes in different grades. The grades are Pharmaceutical, Food, Feed, and Industrial/Technical, the pharmaceutical and food grade are safe for human consumption.

Agricultural lime – This is one of the simplest and least expensive form of lime since it is generally made from crushed limestone.  …

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Old Civil Defense Sanitation Kits

sanitation kitsOne of the advantages of being an old prepper is the fact that you will have accumulated a lot of stuff.  Now this can also be a problem, where do you store it.  This morning I have been sorting out a bunch of stuff that has been in the back of a shipping container.  One of the things that I found were several old civil defense sanitation kits from the 1960s so they are about fifty years old.

Now these were nice sanitation kits when they were made, each containing the following items inside a heavy fiber drum.

Commode Seat, Plastic               1
Sanitary Napkins                      60
Polyethelene Gloves (pair            1
Water Dispensing Spout              1
Tie Wire (bag closing)                 1
Cups and Lids (plastic                70
Commode Chemical (pack)        12
Poly Bag Liners (commode)         1
Instruction Sheet                          1
Toilet Tissue                             10

sanitation kit

It came with a toilet seat and plastic bags to line the drums.

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No Toilet Paper Now What?

Toilet paperThe commercial manufacturing of toilet paper didn’t start until about 1857.  So for most of human history mankind survived without it.  The ancient Greeks used stones and pieces of clay (ouch). The Romans used a sponge on the end of a long stick that was shared by everyone in the community.  When not in use, that stick was placed in a bucket of heavily salted seawater.

By the time of the American Revolution, things weren’t much better.  Corncobs were in common use.  Later they started using old newspapers and catalogues.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac had a hole in the corner so people would be able to hang them up.…

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More on Baby Preps.

baby prepsMy daughter Jen and I have been talking about the question of baby preps.  She has five children and has been involved in prepping for them.  She has a few additional suggestions,

First she agrees with Practical Parsimony on not using baby powder because of the possible effects on their lungs.  All five of her children grew up without any baby powder and she says that she never had any problem with diaper rashes.

Second, she always stocked several months of disposable diapers and baby wipers ahead so that if something occurred she did not have to immediately switch to cloth diapers. …

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A Question on New Baby Preps?

baby prepsToday I need some help; this morning I received a question from a new Mom, she wants to know about baby preps, what she should stock for her new baby.  Apparently, she has no one she feels comfortable asking and is hoping for some guidance.  Well it has been many years since my wife and I have had young children.

The best I can come up with is to suggest cloth diapers, diaper pins, cream for diaper rash, and baby formula.  Also, think about having clothing for the baby to grow into.  Here is a link to a post that one of my daughters wrote a year or so ago.…

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How to Build a Comfortable Outhouse


Yesterday I talked about sanitation; today I want to continue this subject by talking about outhouses.  When I was young I lived in two different homes that had outhouses and I am somewhat familiar with them.

An outhouse does not have to be the stinky mess that most people imagine and what you often see in poorly maintained parks.

Building an outhouse is not complex.  All it takes is digging a 3-5 foot deep hole and placing a simple wood shack over it. Now you add a fully enclosed bench inside with a hole for seating.

The average outhouse is about 4′ x 4′ square and 7′ tall.  …

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Poor Sanitation can Kill You

poor sanitation

This happens in third world countries today, it could happen here tomorrow.

In the twentieth century our average lifespan increased by 35 years.  Improvements in sanitation were responsible for 30 of these years.  Prior to the twentieth century, more people died of disease caused by poor sanitation in every war than as a result of wounds.  Typhus, Cholera, Malaria,  Schistosomiasis, Trachoma, Typhoid, and various worms and parasites were common illnesses.

Today in third world countries, five thousand children die every day to from infectious diarrhea, caused by poor sanitation.  Seventeen percent of the deaths of children under five are caused by diarrhea.…

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Washing Clothes by hand


washing clothes

A washboard will work, but requires you to keep your hands in the water and is hard on your skin.

Washing clothes the old-fashioned way without a washing machine takes lots of time and effort. It can be very hard on your hands, but there are a few things that you can do to make it easier on yourself.

First, if you have stored store bought soaps it will be easier to wash with and better on your skin that the homemade lye soaps.  The less you have to put your hands in the soapy water the easier washing clothes will be on your skin.…

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Soap plants, Can be a Great Aid to Hygiene after TEOTWAWKI

While doing some research on various skills used by our ancestors, I came across two plants that were used as soap in the early America.  Since hygiene can be a major problem during a disaster, knowing which plants you can substitute for soap can be of great benefit both from a morale and health standpoint.

soap plants


The first one Soapwort or Bouncing bet is an herbaceous perennial, 1-3 feet tall. The stems are erect and jointed with leaves which are 3-4 inches long and 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches wide at the middle. The plant has pretty white or pink flowers with five petals. …

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