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Canteens are an Important Part of Your Field Gear

After a disaster whether you are bugging out or just scouting around your neighborhood, you will need to carry water.  You never know what may happen that will keep you away from home a bit longer than you expect.  Now Camelbaks are great, but there are other canteens that I like and that are readily available.

I like the 1 and 2 quart US Military canteens.  I have used them for many years without a problem.  The two quart is a plastic canteen that is designed to hook on to your gear or be carried with a shoulder strap.  The 1 quart can be attached to your gear or carried on a pistol belt. …

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Camelbaks for Hydration to Prevent Heat Related Illnesses

I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and been hiking in them for many years.  Now in the summer you have to be careful because of heat.  In many of the canyons, it can exceed 100 degrees.  Every year people have problems because they do not carry enough water and become dehydrated.  To prevent dehydration, we carry Camelbaks or one of their knockoffs.

Now dehydration occurs when the body loses water faster than it takes it in.  The human body loses water for many reasons.

  • You lose moisture every time you take a breath
  • Sweating from exercise, you can sweat 2 quarts of water per hour.
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