Dealing with Everyday Emergencies.

everyday emergencies

Preparedness covers a very wide area and we often focus on the most serious aspects of it and don’t post about the smaller everyday emergencies.  But today I had someone send me the following e-mail about everyday emergencies and concerns . Here is what they said.

“I used to be completely overwhelmed when it came to stuff around the house, whether I was renting or (recently!) buying.  It was hard to know where to start in finding resources to help me, especially when there are all kinds of issues that can crop up and affect quality of life.  I have really bad allergies, and mold was actually a huge issue in the last place I rented.

Since I work in public health and I run PublicHealthCorps, I thought it would make sense to assemble some resources that can help keep people safe in the homes… or know where to turn and what to do if some of the lesser known issues come up, ranging from carbon monoxide through – you guessed it – my arch-nemesis, mold.

I see your efforts to empower the public with helpful knowledge (I came across your page here: How Long does EMP or CMP Last?), and I thought these could benefit your audience as well:

A Citizens’ Guide to Radon

Protect You and Yours from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Home Repair – When NOT to do it Yourself

10 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring A Pro

Emergency Preparation in Your New Home:

Your Rights to Health & Safety: A Guide for Tenants

It’s my sincerest hope that this information is useful to you and, in turn, your site visitors.

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This got me to thinking that occasionally we should post about some of the things that may be helpful to us all in dealing with our small everyday emergencies.

Things like insurances, finances etc.  In my past employment, I have seen many young people who after a fire were under the mistaken belief that the building owners insurance would cover their belongings.  They didn’t know that they needed to have a tenant’s package, which protects their belongings and ay a normally reasonably priced.

While it is great to prep for the big one, don’t forget, the everyday emergencies that regularly crop up in our lives.


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1 thought on “Dealing with Everyday Emergencies.”

  1. Good idea. I am not an expert in any one area but I know a little bit about many things. Whether it be electrical, plumbing, drywall, small engine repair, car knowledge, etc. people need to know. It’s best to start easy and practice. Find used books at yard sales or online where a lot of people give them away. Knowing even a little bit can save you money and give you a little freedom. That little bit of knowledge will become immense when TSHTF and you have no one to fix that leak or wiring issue.

    Thank you as usual. You have been a tremendous help and I visit the site just about every day.

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