Fish Hooks can be Used for Bird Hunting

fish hooks

Now the first thing I want to explain that hunting birds with fish hooks is probably illegal everywhere.  This should only be used as a method of last resort when your life is at stake.  But if the situation is desperate, here is a way to catch ducks, geese or swans and many other birds.

First, let’s talk about waterfowl.  Most waterfowl fall into one of two classes these are diving or dabbling.  Using ducks for an example.  Diving ducks and sea ducks dive deep underwater to get food.  Dabbling ducks feed on land or on the surface of the water.  First of all, watch the waterfowl and see if they are divers or dabblers.

Most common waterfowl feed on a diet of grasses, aquatic plants, small fish, insects, worms, small amphibians (frogs and toads) and small mollusks.  Dabbling ducks or waterfowl that feed on land or the surface of the water are the easiest to catch.  All you need is a good strong fishing line (10 Lbs test at least) and a small treble fish hook.  Bait the  fishhook (bread works well) cast out near the ducks and wait.  When the duck bites give him time to swallow the  fish hook and pull him in.  Have something ready to wrap him up in.  It makes them easier to control until you can dispatch them.

While fishing on the coast I have had seagulls grab my bait out of the air while I was casting.  It is hard to get them off your line without hurting them.  Along the coast and large bodies of water if seagulls are present they should be easy to catch.  Put some bait on a hook on a fishing line.  Fling the bait up in to the air so that the seagull goes for it and reel it in.  Break its neck as you would a chicken.  I understand that they are not the best tasting bird because they have a fishy taste and are greasy.  It is said that if you soak them in salt water and drain a couple of times it will help remove the fishy odor.

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Using corn, bread or bugs, you can catch many different types of birds including doves, pheasant and quail.  This technique will sometimes even work for getting a squirrel or two.

This is a good reason to carry a small fishing kit and line even if you don not live near water.  As I said at the beginning, do not violate the law, other than to save your life.


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3 thoughts on “Fish Hooks can be Used for Bird Hunting”

  1. Are seagulls good to eat? Sure I would eat a dead dog if I were hungry enough but I have heard that seagulls are particularly untasty. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge? Where I live they are way too common and as big as big chickens so they would be easy to get. But then again so are the ducks and geese which would be my first choice.

    1. It is my understanding that they are salty and greasy, but soaking them in salt water helps. But they are never going to be really good. Stay with the ducks and geese.

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