Found My Old Dill Pickle Recipe

dill pickle

I found the recipe that I wrote an article about several weeks ago Dill Pickles. This dill pickle recipe is the one I asked if any one knew about. It was given to me many years ago by a cousin and I thought I remembered right, but since I didn’t hear from any old timers out there I thought I was wrong. (Wouldn’t be the first time.]  Any ways this recipe you don’t have to water bath and they are the best dill pickles I have ever had, homemade or store bought.

This recipe was found in the Huntsville  Heritage cookbook, handed down from colonial days.

Dill Pickles

      • 1 1/2 pecks fresh cucumbers
      • 4 dozen heads fresh dill
      • powdered alum
      • dried red pepper (optional)
      • 1 1/2 cups salt regular not iodized
      • 1 quart vinegar
      • 4 quarts water

Scrub cucumbers with soft brush. Soak overnight in fresh cold water. Next day, drain and dry each with a soft rag. Do not bruise. Sterilize quart jars, drain and put 2 heads dill in each. Pack best spot free, whole cucumbers into jars. (Small ones pack best) Into each jar put 2 more dill heads and stalks, a pinch of alum and small sliver of red pepper if desired. (For first time try adding pepper to only half the jars). Bring remaining ingredients to a boil; Pour over cucumbers in warm jars. Fill to top and seal. Let jars set for 3 weeks in a dark cabinet. Liquid will turn cloudily. When it clears, pickles ready to eat. Makes about 12 quarts.

Once you make these you will make them all the time. My cucumbers are just starting to grow and I can’t wait. Of course I will be doubling the recipe and give them as gifts for Christmas to my kids. They will be so surprised since they have mentioned them once in a while. (Remember those pickles you made when I was little) well now they will have some.

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I hope you enjoy these dill pickles as much as I did and will again.

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4 thoughts on “Found My Old Dill Pickle Recipe”

  1. Hi, just wondering you didn’t say anything about pressure canning or water bath. So am I understanding this right you just seal the jar and set on shelf. That is it??? Just wondered before I go to all this work of canning them. Thanks!! Can you tell I am new at this, but love dill pickles. This would be wonderful!

    1. This is a recipe that I have been thinking about taking down. This method of canning is widely used but at the same time is quite controversial. Many authorities consider it unsafe. The USDA and many, many universities have warnings against the use of this method . Here’s a typical statement, from the University of Georgia:
      “An old out-dated method of canning – the open-kettle method – is now considered unsafe. In this method, foods were heated in a kettle, then poured into jars, and a lid was placed on the jar. No processing was done. With this method there was often spoilage, because bacteria, yeasts, and molds that contaminated the food when the jars were filled were not killed by further processing. The growth of these microorganisms, in addition to spoiling the food, often caused lids that did seal to later come unsealed. This method resulted in a very real danger of botulism.

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