Hand Crank Can Sealers

I have an old hand crank number 10-can sealer I bought about 1982.  Since then I have used it to can a lot of food.  However what I want to mention here are the other good uses of the cans.  For instance, I have canned lots of strike anywhere matches.  This protects them against moisture damage.  First aid supplies can be canned to protect them from damage.  Any small breakable items can be wrapped in padding and sealed in cans.

hand crank can sealer for storing grains,legumes

I have not tried it yet but they may work well as faraday cages if you place insulation between the stored item and metal.  If you seal food in the cans with a 300cc oxygen absorber you can get good storage life, up to 30 years depending on the food.

The sealer that I own is still being made under the name “All American All-American Master Hand Crank Can Sealer” and can be purchased on the internet in the low $500s.  I realize the price may seem a little high, but take a look at the money you can save if you are canning your own legumes and grains.  If you are lucky enough to live near a LDS cannery, they will normally sell you cans, lids and oxygen absorbers.

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    1. Siobhan
      I did some rechecking and I owe everyone an apology, you are right. I didn’t pay enough attention when I looked the first time.

  1. Great article, I would like to make a comment though, I wanted to try this, but went cheap and bought two from ebay – seems like there were a couple of changes of ownership with ives-way sealers (not the ones you mentioned), and the older ones cannot be serviced. I ended up with two sealers that are non-functional. The owner of the sealer company says it happens all the time on ebay and other second hand sites. I still want one, but I have to figure out how to make something of my two paperweights (without reselling them…)

  2. I have a question. Do you happen to know who sells the cans done up? I would like to purchase some for a novelty and have money and gift cards put in the can before they are sealed but cannot find anybody on the web so far that does this. Do you happen to have any suggestions for me?

    Thank you
    Nancy Stites

    1. That is something I have done in the past for fun. However I do not do it commercially and do not know anyone who does. Maybe someone in your area has access to a can sealer. Is there a LDS (Mormon) church near you. Someone there may have access to a can sealer.

  3. Bad news. LDS is closing their bulk food sales and will only be selling (sealed in cans and plastic) food after 1-1 2014. Per Roy at LDS store in Plant City Florida.

    Map shows they will have a few bulk stores out west (Tx, Az and Utah plus western Canada.

    PS: I need a good used # 10 can sealer Thanks,

  4. I just bought the 1502 all american canner and some number 10 cans (603). When I seal them the top plate the chuck plate gets stuck to the can and I have to pry off the can damaging it making it useless. Any ideas what could be up? The plate says it’s a number 10?? Please any help would be great!

    1. I am not sure what is causing your problem. It could be that the adjustment on the arms is too tight. However Here is the link to someone who can help you, The Embaradero Cannery https://www.ehcan.com/CanSealers.html call and talk to Lou. If this does not help send me a picture, I have the same cannery and will compare them and see if I ca spot the problem. Did you buy the canner new or has it been used.

        1. I tried to tell them that I had the same problem & sliced my finger to the bone prying the can off. I later learned that this happens when you turn the hand crank the wrong way

    1. Hello,

      Are you still looking for a can sealer. I have a house of cans sealer for sale. Brand new. Never used. It comes with 100 #3 unused cans and lids. Selling all for $300.

      NOTE: I have contact information for this sale. Email me, Noah, at [email protected] to get in touch with this seller.

  5. I can’t believe that a hand crank can sealer would run in the $500 range! I think you made a really good point about the money you could save if you are planning on canning your own goods though, so it would probably pay for itself in the long run. I will have to start looking for different options for personal canners.

  6. I have an Ives way mod 900 can sealer and need the two gauge wires to set it up. Someone out there has to have a set they can measure accurately and give me the sizes. Seems crazy to throw it away over a 10 cent Item like that. Thanks for your help

  7. Wondering if anyone has direction on how to use it. I have done pressure canning and hot water bath canning but this looks like the way to go I just need to know more about the process. Thanks!

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