How to Seal a #10 Can

Sealing Cans is easy.

We sealed a 190 cans of wheat and legumes using a #10 can sealer belonging to the LDS Church.  Five of us were able to seal these in just under two hours.  The cost of the cans is $1.00 each plus tax. The following You Tube video shows just how easy it is to use the can sealer.  The finished product should be good for 25 to 30 years.


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5 thoughts on “How to Seal a #10 Can”

  1. Are you a member of the LDS Church? Did you get to borrow the sealer and bring it home? Do they allow non-members to borrow the sealer for home use? I am not LDS. I prefer to buy organically produced foods and would like to be able to seal them in #10 cans.

    1. It depends on the cannery near you. Some still have the can sealers, but many of them no longer have them. Call them and they should be able to tell you.

  2. I don’t think you can borrow them anymore since the church shut down a bunch of their canneries. There is an amazing product called “That Seals It!” (no joke) that you can use to vacuum seal opened #10 cans. You can use it with a food sealer or with a manual pump if you’re off grid. It’s perfect for the dehydrated food, produce, or brown sugar that never dries out. You can buy it on amazon. I’ll try to post a link below. Game changer for us!

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