Nuclear Fallout and (EMP) Electromagnetic Pulse

nuclear fallout

With the current situation in the Ukraine, I decided to post some links to articles that I have written on the subjects of nuclear fallout and EMP.  Some of these articles were written during the nuclear meltdown in Japan, but the information in them is still valid.

Depending on what develops in the next few days, I intent to write to post some information on improvised nuclear fallout shelters.


At this time, I don’t think that the situation will develop into a larger military action, because no one will stand up to the Russian at this point.  They will take what they want when they want and the world will roll over.

Our government has no civil defense plans and has abandoned all the old nuclear fallout shelters.  If something does happen, you will be responsible for protecting and taking care of yourself.

Here are the links on nuclear fallout and EMP. 

What is EMP (Electromagnetic pulse)

More on Electromagnetic Pulse

Protecting Electronics with Faraday Cages

Protection Factors in Nuclear Emergency’s

Rules on Nuclear Fallout

Old Civil Defense Radiation Detectors

Potassium Iodide and Radiation

If you don’t have a copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H Kearney, now may be a good time to purchase one.  If is widely available on Amazon and is the finest book every written on the subject.


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2 thoughts on “Nuclear Fallout and (EMP) Electromagnetic Pulse”

  1. If anyone goes to a local fallout shelter all they will find is boxes of old tax returns and Christmas displays. The feds told the states to dismantle them all when the cold war ended. Which they did to save money and sold off the supplies on the surplus market. The feds’ shelters are still running, expanded, and upgraded especially after 9/11. So IF a one sided exchange would happen your representatives, senators,the president, and their secretaries will be just fine. The average tax payer on the other hand….. Hopefully these days will get more people thinking about prepping/survivalism. And God will allow us to do it and not turn His head and let us glow for a while.

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