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Goal Zero products get consistently high ratings and are easily available on Amazon. We started with the Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar Panel. The panel itself is about the size of a hardback book and is a surprisingly rugged panel.

Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar Panel, One Color
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05/20/2022 12:16 pm GMT

This is what we use to charge cell phones, a GPS unit, and tablets. Because it’s solar, I can set the panel out anywhere and soon have a battery pack that is charged and ready to use. It’s a lower priced entry into the world of Goal Zero and solar products. The panel itself has its own USB outlets and could be used to charge a device on its own. The main benefit with this set is that I can carry it with me wherever I go and not have to try and find an electric outlet when my phone dies.

Another recent addition to my solar stash is a step up. The Goal Zero Venture 35 charging bank with a Nomad 10 Solar panel kit.

Goal Zero Venture 35 Portable Charger Power Bank with Nomad 10 Solar Panel Kit 9600mAH 18W USB-C Power Delivery Port, 2 USB Outputs IP67 Rating 50 Lumens Flashlight
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05/20/2022 07:47 pm GMT

This isn’t used for any major charging, but is great for phones and other devices. The power bank is nice to have when the sun goes down so we can still have piece of mind knowing we can charge a phone in an emergency, as well as the nice feature of an extra light source if needed. It’s not going to be able to power a lot, but it’s definitely a step up from the Nomad 5.

I’m partial to Goal Zero products but have had good luck with smaller solar products like these:

  • This small FKANT charger is handy to keep in a purse or backpack. It’s affordable and I’ve had good luck with it charging small electronics. This is a good charger to have as a backup. Charge it and toss it in an emergency kit or even your vehicle’s console.
  • The Luci light is an example of a creative and outstanding use of solar power. It’s inexpensive (around $12), very lightweight and portable. I highly recommend adding one of these to every emergency kit. There is also a Luci EMRG light, similar in design and function, but with a red emergency light and a flashing light that signals SOS.
  • I read about the LuminAid solar lamp and was intrigued. Could something inflatable that stores very nearly flat really be an effective light source? Turns out, this is a great little product, affordably priced, and is just right for tent or other small space lighting. This would make a cool gift or stocking stuffer for someone who loves the outdoors or is into cool technology.
  • Something small and kind of cute for kids is the Little Sun Solar Lamp. It comes on a neck cord, so kids can wear it around their neck in the dark. I’d recommend this as a fun and practical gift for kids who camp or want to have a handy night light right near their beds. Afraid to walk around the house in the dark? Put this around your neck and you can carry your light with you. My son had this in his bedroom for a few years before he decided that a teenager was too old for it!
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Little Sun Original – Solar Powered LED Lamp, Rechargeable Dimmable Night Light & Reading Lamp
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Solar power doesn’t have to be a full-house commitment. I’ve found that having several small solar items was a great way to get used to using the sun for energy and gradually, we’ve worked our way to bigger applications. My next purchase will be a Goal Zero Yeti, and I can’t wait!

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