Sugardine, a Great Homemade Antiseptic

For thousands of years, people have survived without the use of antibiotics. Many early treatments for infected wounds involved honey. Both the Smith Papyrus of 1700 B.C. and the Ebers Papyrus of 1500 B.C. describe the treatment of severe wounds and burns with coagulated milk and honey held in place by a muslin bandage.  Later, granulated sugar was used to treat sores in both horses and humans. How these ancient people learned that both honey and sugar are effective in helping wounds heal is amazing. Today, a mixture known as sugardine is widely used to treat sores and wounds on horses.  It has proved to be effective and is inexpensive.

Sugar by itself has been used and shown to be effective in the treatment for infected wounds.

sugardine But sugardine, a mixture of iodine and sugar, has proved to be more effective. The American Farriers Journal Special Management Report #1 “Using Sugar To Treat Those Nasty Wounds” stated the following:

One study was done over a 5-year period in which 605 human patients were treated exclusively with sugardine. In nearly all cases, these patients (whose injuries included ulcers, cat scratches and gunshot wounds) healed more rapidly with sugardine than any alternative method of treatment.

You can purchase various sugardine mixtures at many places that sell medications for horses and other animals or you make it yourself.

Recipe for sugardine


  1. Mix one part 10% povidone-iodine to two parts white sugar.

Add more or less sugar to make it the consistency of thick honey or peanut butter.

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Put the sugardine in a container with a tight-fitting lid. The mixture will need stirring now and then but it will never go bad.

It is my understanding that with a large open wound, you pack it with sugardine and then bandage it.  Please understand that I am not a doctor and have had no specialized medical training.  This information is for educational purposes only.

I remember when I was a child, whenever you got a cut or scrape your parents treated it with an antiseptic. Today I no longer see it emphasized as much, but if antibiotics are ever in short supply, people will need to go back to this practice.  So be sure to stock up on antiseptics and learn how to make sugardine.

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17 thoughts on “Sugardine, a Great Homemade Antiseptic”

  1. Hi Howard,

    Thanks so much for this post. I’m all for more natural resolutions over antibiotics, where possible, so I appreciate this information.

    I wanted to ask, though…Is it possible for you to add a “print” option to your site? Oftentimes, I print what you post, but have to copy it to a Word document in order to do so. I don’t mind doing it, but it sure would be quicker if I could just print directly from your site!


  2. Gonewiththewind

    There is no doubt that sugardine works. It is not uncommon in treating animal wounds and works well for large wounds that cannot be sutured. But… Why would you use it on yourself our your children. Perhaps if you had a large wound, it is after SHTF and there are no doctors or hospitals etc. But other then that why? Wouldn’t you go to a doctor if you had a large gaping wound? Especially if it was your child or your spouse. And if all yu had was a little cut then sugardine is not really practical or necessary. I will choose to go to a doctor and the doctor will no doubt suture the wound and prescribe an antibiotic. I would be willing to bet you could interview 100 doctors and ask if they would choose sugardine over common medical practices and not get one of them to say yes. By the way red hot poker works too, but I wouldn’t choose that over antibiotics either. It is quite “natural” though.

    1. I agree with you which is why I put the following statement in the post. “Any suggestion I have made in this post are only for a situation in which modern medicine is not longer available.”

  3. I remember as a kid getting tinctures with Mecurichrome (sp). No specialty drugs were needed. Knee/elbow scrapes were fixed and healed quickly. Scabs and scars were badges of honor. Course there were probably fewer bad bugs back then. Exercise and eating healthy will help one heal faster too. I’m lucky enough to have some emergency cillin and sulfa supplies for just in case….

  4. I have used this sugardine on my horses since I was a little kid and yes it works great. Helps keep the bad bugs away as well as healing.

  5. Gonewiththewind, I think you are showing signs of being overly reliant on conventional medicine. Too often, there is a culture in the medical field of over prescribing and the public swears by it. Try to read up on natural ways to heal your body.
    Drink green vegetable juices, eat oats, add Cinnamon to your diet, take vitamins, and learn natural ways to heal yourself. You will save money in the long run and be less dependent on every little cut needing stitches. By the way, if you cut your finger, you don’t need stitches, I’m 66 and never in my life had stitches to my many cuts. You can use butterfly stitches that are sold over the counter and heal yourself and again save money otherwise misspent at the doctor.

    When the SHTF, all this will come in handy. So, don’t be so hung up on conventional medicine, learn to heal yourself.

  6. Howard,
    This is all new for me using sugar and iodine.
    Do you by any chance know if honey works better in this mix?

    Any idea of the shelf life of iodine? I read its about 3 years, but can’t confirm it.

  7. If you have a diabetic wound that is infected and will not heal, please try this sugardine. It WORKS!!! I too thought it was crazy when I first used it as a nurse on a patient with a nasty infected deep ulcer. But to my surprise, it healed it completly; a stage 4 wound to completly healed. If you have tried everything and failed, please try this, IT WORKS! I’m a firm believer, by EXPERIENCE. If I could post pics to show how I also used on a family member I would. Or email me and I’ll show proof. A stage 4 to completly healed! [email protected]

  8. This Sugardine sounds like something I tried several years ago to heal a stubborn wound. It worked for me. Thanks for the info. I feel better knowing I can make it myself.

  9. Thank you for this. I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge on home medical treatments. I will be the first to take someone to the doctor if necessary but too often people go to the doctor and get antibiotics when it could be treated at home. Not to mention other uses to avoid big vet bills. My niece’s little dachshund was attacked by a pit bull and because of knowledge similar to this, I was able to treat him at home. This knowledge is invaluable. Thank you.

  10. Bill in Tennessee

    I see on Amazon that some 10% povidone iodine products are in alcohol solution and some are in a soapy-water solution. Is there any difference? …should I look for one over the other?

  11. My mother had a open wound and the doctor had me pack it everyday with Sugardine. About 15 years ago. She had a lot of antibiotics after an accident and he didn’t think she should have more if we could help it. It worked. On a human, in the 21century, prescribed by a board certified medical doctor.

    1. That’s interesting! More and more, I see many of the traditional medicines, herbal and otherwise, coming back as a lot of people move more toward nature and away from the high-tech world that has led us down a very unhealthy path in many ways.

  12. I still use old schol! Stuff…I have a!l my great ..and we only went to hospital only if we need surgery….

  13. I have an autoimmune disease so I develop mouth sores quite often. When I do, I just pour about 1/4 teaspoon of sugar in to it. If they should occur on the top, I take a sugar packet and empty all but 1/4 teaspoon sugar out, fold it over sealing the sugar in. Then I dunk in water to saturate it and tuck it under my upper lip. Sometimes multiple applications are required but it works every time

  14. Sharon Ballentine

    I had a quadruple bypass in Sept 2018. I ended up with wounds that would not totally heal, taking lots of strong antibiotics and using a wound vacume. Finally one of my doctors called me in a prescription for sugardine. We had to go to a compounding pharmacy get it at a cost of $40. to us. But it worked great, so my husband started reading about it online. That’s when we found out how easy it is to make. Will definitely keep this on hand from now on

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