How to Survive an Economic Collapse

economic collapse

This is a guest post submitted by Rebecca on the subject of economic collapse, which is one of the most likely scenarios that I envision happening


Most people are familiar with natural disasters and how to be prepared for them. We all understand the importance of having an evacuation plan and stocking up on emergency supplies in order to ride out a few days without basic services. But do you know what to do in case of an economic collapse that might last months or even years?

The current economic crisis in Greece  demonstrates what can happen as a result of years of financial recklessness. Not only is the country suffering from high unemployment and a shrinking economy but it cannot pay off its international debts. Could the same thing happen to other countries around the world?

More importantly, do you know what to do in the face of an economic crisis? Many experts believe that another economic crisis as severe as the Great Recession in 2008 or worse is possible. What will happen to you and your family when your money no longer has value? Here are some tips to help you make it through an economic collapse:

  1. Become More Self-Reliant – Modern life means that the majority of people do not know
economic collapse
Don’t let this be your childs future

how to grow or obtain their own food. There is the real possibility, however, if money can no longer be used to purchase food in the event of economic collapse. One way to provide for yourself and your loved ones is to grow a garden and learn how to hunt. These basic skills can help you out in any crisis situation.

  • Begin Storing Up a Long-Term Food Supply – Although prepping often gets a bad name, there are legitimate reasons why you should begin building up a long-term food supply. These foodstuffs can last several years and be instrumental to survival in an economic crisis. They can actually be advantageous if the cost of food soars. If the task seems overwhelming to you, start with a month’s food supply and then gradually increase it.
  • Consider Investing in Gold and Silver – Before paper money existed, gold and silver were the foundations of economies. If the current global system of paper money collapsed, an economy based on gold and silver has a good chance of replacing that system. Unlike paper money, gold and silver have intrinsic value and they act as real assets that create barriers against inflation. Even when your paper money loses its value, gold and silver might keep theirs.
  • Get Out of Debt – Outstanding debts cause major financial problems not only for governments but individuals. For example, if you still owe money on your house and you suddenly lose your source of income due to economic problems, your bank can repossess your house and you’ll be left without a home. Getting out of debt as soon as possible, whether it is a mortgage, credit card debt, or student loans, is always a good idea.
  • Learn How to Protect Yourself – A major economic crisis could not only affect your ability to purchase needed items but could also lead to the collapse of governments and law enforcement. Many countries facing economic crisis also lose the ability to control its citizens. In the face of anarchy, you will need to have a plan in place for defending yourself and your loved ones.
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    2 thoughts on “How to Survive an Economic Collapse”

    1. Be aware that the Government confiscated gold in the 1930s, and could do it again. Pre-1933 US gold coinage is said by some to be exempt, but there are no guarantees.

      ….”People can also own gold in ways which make it inaccessible to government decree…directly (i.e. not through a trust), in allocated physical form, offshore, in a place with a strong tradition for protecting international investors’ property. This makes it a tough target for confiscation by your government, and one that would upset other countries for little reward….which have a reasonable (if imperfect) tradition of defending private property rights: London, New York, Zurich and Singapore. There are clear potential benefits to diversifying physical property across international jurisdictions.”

      Of course, the IRS scrutinizes offshore accounts vigorously.

    2. gonewiththewind

      Your picture of bread lines remindedme that we still have bread lines. It is June 26th, go to your local Walmart on July 1st and see the bread lines. They will show up in nice cars and some not so nice. They will have one, two, three and even more kids. They will be fat and “crack” skinny. They may bring boyfriends or husbands (some will bring both). Walmart will have lots of packaged meat and snacks for the bread line people who now don’t have to wait in long lines for free stuff they get it on their food stamp credit cards.
      Hint: Look for bargins in the meat dept Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. The last weekend of the month is the best time to buy meat at a good price because the welfare people are waiting for the 1st.

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