Things New Preppers Need to Know

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For new preppers the subject often seems to be overwhelming, but in reality it can be broke down in five areas.  These same five subjects work whether your bugging in or bugging out.  To survive you need to be prepared in the following five areas.  These are not listed in the order of importance as this can change depending on where you live, for example in the desert or Alaska.

1, Food – This will include learning about

      • What foods you need to keep healthy
      • How to correctly store your food to keep them at their best.
      • Growing, gathering and hunting both wild and home grown foods
      • Preserving your foods without modern refrigeration
      • How much you need to store, remember that when you are stressed and working hard you will eat more than normal.  Error on the high side.
      • How long are you preparing for?

2, Water – learn the following

      • Where to find water
      • How to store water
      • How to filter or purify water
      • How much water you need to store.  I say as much as you can.

3, Shelter – Work on the following

      • Winter and summer sleeping arrangements
      • Protection from the elements
      • Sources of heat and light
      • How to stay warm, dry and comfortable.
      • Check your clothes and foot gear.

Medical – you need the following

      • A supply of your required prescription medications
      • First aid supplies
      • Nursing supplies
      • Medical books on both modern and herbal remedies
      • Basic medical training

Self defense and security – Know how to protect you and your family

      • Firearms and ammunition – own what you legally can and learn how to use them.
      • Static protection, this includes good locks, doors, alarm systems, what you need to keep burglars or raiders out.
      • Motion detector lights
      • Keeping your mouth shut and not tell others what you are doing.
      • Know the threats you face.

Now all of this applies to new preppers whether you are bugging in or building a pack to bug out. So start by looking at what supplies you already have and see where it fits on the list.  Everybody has something even if it is just your clothes.  Once you see what you already have, determine your priories and start to fill them.  Just take your time learn as you go, but get started.  Many of these subjects are addressed in other posts on this blog, you can find them by using the search function at the top right hand of the page.



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  1. Veteran Who Is Preparing

    I tell people to over estimate what they need and under report what they have on hand.
    Example: You need 90 of item X for 6 months. Then get 100 for 6 months.

    You have 236 of item Y on hand, write down 225 in your inventory.

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