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Waterless Hygiene and How to Keep Yourself Clean

Waterless Hygiene and How to Keep Yourself Clean via Preparedness Advice

Now, there are numerous situations in which disaster could leave us short of water. They could be just for a couple of hours or situations that lasted for months or even years. Besides the lack of drinking water, how would you stay clean in a world short on water?

A clean body with no need for water.

This brings us to the topic of waterless hygiene, and believe it or not, there are actually products on the market that provide you with quite a good cleansing using no water at all. A bottle or two in every bug out bag would be a wise investment.…

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16 Reasons Why You Need Vinegar in Your Storage

vinegarVinegar is a great multi-purpose item. It can be used for preserving food, as a condiment, a salad dressing, medicinally, as a disinfectant, and as a cleaner. There are numerous types on the market, but for the purposes of this post, but we will only consider white distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

White vinegar will store almost indefinitely if tightly sealed in a glass or plastic bottle with a plastic lid. The acid it contains will destroy enamel-coated metal caps over time. White vinegar works well for pickling and most other uses.

Apple cider vinegar is sold in two types: one is a cider flavored distilled acetic acid, the other is a true cider vinegar fermented from hard cider.…

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Cleaning Up your Home and Food Storage After a Flood



With all the floods occurring on the East Coast and the prospect of more to come this winter, I thought it might be a good time to post information about cleaning up after a flood.  Now of cause how much of this applies to you depends on how severe the flood affected your home.

Once the floodwaters have receded and the property can be accessed safely, you should begin cleanup.  The most important steps are to restore the environment to a dry state and salvage any valuable property.  The longer that water/waste are allowed to remain in your home or on your property, the greater the potential for illness and irreparable damage to your home and its contents.  …

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Free Five-gallon Buckets are Yours for the Asking

free five-gallon bucketsI have recently received several email inquires about how to get hold of inexpensive or free five-gallon buckets.  Now I have a lot of five gallon buckets, some I have paid for, but many that I have gotten for free.

Let’s talk about good sources for purchasing five-gallon buckets first.  Both Home Depot and Lowes have good quality buckets on sale for a reasonable price.  But they are not all food grade.  Unless they are specifically labeled as food grade, assume that they are not.  If they are food grade they will normally have a sticker that says food grade.  Home Depots orange buckets are not food grade.  …

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Rodent Control Problems After TEOTWAWKI



I have always been under the impression that after a major disaster that involved large scale loss of life and building damage there would be an immediate increase in rodent problems.  In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention the opposite accrues immediately after the disaster for the short term.

Rodents that survive a disaster often move to new areas.  It takes time for rodents to regroup, reorganize their social behavior, become familiar with their new environment, find safe haven, locate food and water, and memorize their movements. Colony building and reproduction will begin only when their new ecosystem has stabilized.  …

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Sewer Backups or Flooding, How to Clean Up After One

sewer backupThe other day we put up a post on the problems of sewer backups that can be caused by a major disaster or flooding.  Remember that after a major disaster or disruption of services that many of the flood control systems may cease to function.  This includes pumping stations and even dam failures.

The following is information that may help you cleanup if you are affected by either flooding or sewer backups.

Cleanup of Internal Areas after a sewer backup or flood

Once the floodwaters have receded and the property can be accessed safely you should begin cleanup.  The most important steps are to restore the environment to a dry state and salvage any valuable property.  …

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The Problems of Building a Solar Shower

solar showerBack in Oct 2012 I wrote an article about the problems a friend of mine was having with his solar shower.   At that time we asked for some suggestion to fix his problem and received some very good ones.  This morning we received another post on solar showers by a gentleman who has lived off the grid for 12 years.  He gives a good fairly detailed description of how he solved the problem.  I have decided to put his comment up as a post


I’m lucky, the cabins is a 1/4 mile off road up the side of the mountain and my system is all gravity fed from an artisan 80 yards up the mountain behind the cabin.  …

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Sewer Systems and the Problems They can Cause Preppers

sewer systems

A sewer system backing up

As late as the early 1800 sewers systems in much of the world consisted of throwing the waste products out the window into the streets and hoping the rains washed them away.  Today (at least in this country) we have nice modern sewers systems that keep our streets clean and the waste is treated before it goes back into the environment. This helps to keep us healthy by maintaining good sanitation and hygiene.  We almost always have access to good water and waste disposal systems.

Now if you live in the country and have your own septic tank most of this post will probably not apply to you. …

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Sanitation and the use of Bucket Toilets

Here is a good article on bucket toilets and sanitation written by a friend of mine.



The bathroom we are all used to, but what happens when it fails.        picture by Fotolia

I can’t remember the year but I do remember the storm. We were well into our first day without electricity and because of the ferocity of the weather outside, we had decided to relocate to the cellar. Even though a tree had fallen on the corner of the house, I felt pretty good about the whole situation. Here we were, sitting in our well-stocked safe room, mattresses and blankets dragged from downstairs. …

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Why Should Preppers Store Lime

limeThere are many things that we should store that will make life easier after a major disaster and I know it is not possible to store everything.  Near where I live there is a old limestone quarry that still has lots of stone.  Hopefully someone will get it functioning after TEOTWAWKI.  Lime has many uses for preppers.

There are three types of lime

Also, it is important to know that lime comes in different grades. The grades are Pharmaceutical, Food, Feed, and Industrial/Technical, the pharmaceutical and food grade are safe for human consumption.

Agricultural lime – This is one of the simplest and least expensive form of lime since it is generally made from crushed limestone.  …

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