The SilverFire Scout Biomass Stove is very Efficient

SilverFire Scout

I recently received a new stove to test, this is the SilverFire Scout.  Now before I say too much about the stove I want to explain a bit about my background.  I have served in the fire service and for the last 17 years of my career, I was with a state arson and bomb unit.  I have a background  in fire science and I understand how a stove of this type works.  In addition, I have tested many of the small stoves that are currently on the market, so I feel qualified to review this stove.

I like the whole concept of using biomass to fuel your stove.  Biomass stoves are fueled by twigs, pinecones, smaller sticks etc.  A handful of twigs and leaves and you can cook a meal.   A small stove like the SilverFire Scout works well in a bugout bag, you have an almost endless supply of fuel.

SilverFire Scout
The stove inside the pan with the lid off
SilverFire Scout
The stove inside the pan with the lid on

The SilverFire Scout is sold in three different configurations, one just the stove by itself for $59.99, the second the stove and the MSR Alpine Stowaway 775 ml pan for $79.99 and the third is the stove, MSR pan, silverware and a nice fire starter for $99.99.

The one I am testing is the stove and the MSR pan.  As you can see in the pictures, the stove fits inside the pan and it all fits inside the bag.  The pan and SilverFire Scout stove weighs approximately 20 ounces,  the stove by itself 12 ounces.

SilverFire Scout
The stove set up next to the pan
SilverFire Scout
The stove loaded with wood

The biomass fuel that I used was the dry materials that I found while out with my wife in the rain, see this post,  Finding Dry Wood in Wet Weather

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For simplicities sake I used a vaseline soaked cotton ball to start the fire.  I followed the directions on the correct way to load the stove, which is to put the biomass in a vertical position and place small tinder on the top.

SilverFire Scout

SilverFire Scout
The pan on the the stove

Because of the way, this stove draws; this stove will smoke if overfilled.  You have to practice with this stove to learn how much fuel to add.  Twigs placed in the firebox in a vertical position, with good dry tinder placed on the top seems to work well. After playing with the SilverFire Scout, I have to give it a very high rating, it was able to bring a pan of water from 45 degrees F to a full rolling boil in under seven minutes.  The stove is sturdy and is made of stainless steel.

SilverFire Scout
The water at a hard rolling boil

The design of this stove is unique and makes this stove very efficient.  Rather than try to explain why this stove works I am going to say that while I have not tested this stove head to head against others, based on my experience this is the most efficient stove that I have encountered. I will recommend it.


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  1. You stated that it would boil water in less than 7 min. Would this be practical for a family of 4 to use for a breakfast, lunch or dinner, without re-loading a fuel source and how easy would it be to re-load a fuel source, if necessary, to continue cooking? Would this be considered a two person stove.?

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